Must-Read: Avoid Razor Burn

Seeing as the end of the month is upon us, that means one thing for this (and every) November: Drains are going to be mightily clogged on Sunday. That’s because the initiative to grow out your stash for Movember, in order to support research for prostate cancer, is over and done with. And that means a whole lot of people will be shaving off their mustaches and leave their upper lip skin nice and clean until next year. But that also means that a whole lot of you people out there are going to be in line for some serious razor burn as you get to shaving. Luckily, for all of us, there are some remedies out there that can help put an end to this dreaded nonsense.

So today, we’re heading over to Men’s Fitness where they have tips on how to avoid razor burn. Their big solution that you all need to listen to:

A: Here?s what you do. Forget futuristic razors with eight blades or whatever. They?re too sharp, and if a blade is damaged it will scrape your skin. Look for something with three blades or less, like the art of Shaving?s Chrome Futura Safety razor. Also, use pre-shave oil?it retains moisture on the face so the skin is supple for shaving. Once you?ve shaved downward, reapply the pre-shave oil, then shave in the opposite direction. There are ointments specifically made for ingrown facial hair; get the kind that?s made without alcohol. Also, try using a dry, soft toothbrush on the area of the ingrown hair to gently work it out from underneath the skin.

Head over to the link for some other tips, and then get to shaving boys!


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