Must-Read: Food That Boosts Your Metabolism

Remember when you were in junior high, or high school, and you were able to pretty much eat whatever the hell you wanted without feeling any kinds of weight repercussions? Felt like ending your day with a few burgers at Wendy’s, or a bunch of grilled cheese, or even go through a bunch of beer if you were one of those who started their drinking careers a little early? Why the hell not! It wasn’t really going to make all that big of an impact. But then, once you got into your later years of college, and weren’t really as active as you used to be, and were still consuming the same shameful diet you always were… then the pounds started to add up. Well, that’s because of a little thing called metabolism. Your body, during that time period, was going through something called puberty, and so it needed a whole bunch more calories in order to get things working. But then, it ended, and you didn’t need as much gas in your system. (So to speak.) The trick, then, is to try to get that metabolism to start working yet again.

And so today we’re heading on to Men’s Health where they have a few simple tricks for how to boost your metabolism simply through food alone. Among the suggestions that they are making:


Whey protein is better than casein protein. A Swiss study found that it has a larger thermic effect than casein protein has, meaning it requires more calories to digest. (Do you really need that protein shake after a gym session? Find out in The Truth about Post-Workout Shakes.)


Oolong tea trumps green tea. Both can elevate your energy expenditure, but oolong tea’s jolt is more than twice that of green tea, a study from Japan found.

Head on over to the link to check out the other possible body mods the folks at Men’s Health are making in order to help out your metabolism boost from here on out. And then get to eating, folks!

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