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Top Five Movies of Miranda Otto

I want to go on record saying that there should be more comic book adaptations in TV and movies. Yes, there?s ?The Walking Dead,? and there?s all the superhero movies and TV shows from ?Arrow? and ?Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D? to ?Watchmen.? Yes, it seems like they are everywhere and they permeate every minute and moment of our entertainment lives. ?The geek/nerd/dweeb takeover is complete!? you might say with a heaving sigh. However, when I look at the career of the lovely Miranda Otto, I see one that never made it past the pilot stage, and it is possible that we missed a possibly great one.

Miranda starred in the unaired pilot for the series ?Locke & Key? a horror comic written by Joe Hill, son of Stephen King. (That?s some serious horror bloodlines there.) Since it isn?t a straight superhero show, but rather a spooky look at the supernatural in the lives of the Locke family, I think it would have been a welcome addition to the TV lineup. (Then again, I also like ?Supernatural? and want to watch ?American Horror Story? eventually, so this one might just be in my wheelhouse.) Another pilot comes to mind that has yet to see the light of a TV screen, ?Powers.? It starred Lucy Punch (from the short lived sitcom ?Ben and Kate? which had some cool potential) and told the story of a world where superpowers were outlawed so that only outlaws used superpowers. (That line made me feel like a spokesman for the NRA.) As for the recent ?Wonder Woman? pilot, well, sometimes I hear that studios and networks do the right thing.

So, we may not see one more comic book adaptation, but we at least have these other five movies where we can enjoy the work of Miranda.

5. Love Serenade

Sometimes for the number five movie on a list you have to go a little more unknown, a little more obscure so you can truly find out more about the style of an actress. This well-reviewed Australian movie fits the bill and stars Miranda as she romantically pursues the new DJ in town.

4. Danny Deckchair

I remember wanting to see this movie when it came out for three very strong reasons. One, it has Miranda. Two, it has Rhys Ifans, who had done a great job in ?Notting Hill? and continues to do good work, like in ?The Five-Year Engagement.? Three, it?s about a guy that ties balloons to a lawn chair and flies up in the sky, an urban legend and Darwin award winner come to the screen.

3. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

You know, it?s rare that the third movie in a trilogy is the best movie and ?Lord of the Rings: Return of the King? is no exception. Every time I think of this movie, I think of the four hobbits jumping on the bed at the end and I wonder what 1970s style hobbit porn would be like.

2. The Thin Red Line

I?ve always thought that if you somehow could combine Terrence Malick?s ?The Thin Red Line? with Steven Spielberg?s ?Saving Private Ryan? you would have one of the best movies ever, with less plot on the Spielberg side and more on the Malick side. Still, this movie explored some great thoughts and ideas and looked beautiful.

1. Lord of the Rings: Two Towers

Not my favorite ?Lord of the Rings? movie as I am a Fellowship guy, but the Battle of Helm?s Deep remains one of the coolest battles ever to be put onscreen.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Miranda Otto top five?

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