Must-Read: Dress Like the Best

The thing about celebrities is that they’re not really there for any other reasons that to give us lessons. Sometimes, those lessons are about how to live. (More often than not, they’re about how NOT to live.) And every now and then, they’re about how to dress. (Or, again, more often than not, how NOT to dress.) The whole point is that, in order to learn how to dress, one needs to pay attention to what the celebs out there are wearing.

And so today we’re heading on over to where they have a listing of the best dressed fellas out there. This is important information, guys. For example, here’s the two best out there right now:

Best Dressed: Justin Timberlake

Sometimes it can be difficult to forget that the other Justin ditched beanies and hoodies a couple of years ago in favor of more grown-up goods and a haircut that doesn’t make him look like a Chia Pet.

And this guy:

Best Dressed: Henrick Lundqvist

Hockey players aren?t normally known for scoring big on style, but Swedish goalie Henrik Lundqvist brings a dash of debonair to the usual lean-lined minimalism for which Scandinavians are known.

The list also has a list of ways NOT to dress, which really maybe are as important as the ways to dress. The fact of the matter is, this really doesn’t come across as good as it can with the short snippets above. It needs to be examined on your own. So, head on over to the link above and take some mental notes for how to dress from here on out.

And then get on out there and turn in those gift cards you’re going to get this week into some great threads to wear into the new year.

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