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We’re going to keep things relatively light today and tomorrow, for obvious reasons. In fact, this is going to be the only post for either day. Sorry about that, but we have to party over here as well. But today’s festivities got us thinking, seeing as we’re about to do some traveling of our own: Are we really traveling as best as we can? And the answer, unfortunately, is a resounding no. We are simply wasting money on services that we don’t really need, when in fact we could be saving money and traveling better places. But, since we’re not at all bitter about this, we decided to let you in on some secrets.

And so today we’re heading on over to Men’s Health where they have a list of holiday “hacks” that you need to know before you plan your next big trip. For example, among the tips that they’re dolling out for your trips:

1. Use your funds wisely. Why pay triple the normal fare for Vegas?$865 from New York City right now, according to Kayak?when it costs almost the same to celebrate the New Year in party-loving Istanbul ($920), which boasts airfare that?s at least 60 percent cheaper than during the summer? For something closer to home, look into Canada. Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are all especially traveler-friendly this time of year. And according to Kayak data, you can save almost 25 percent by booking a shorter?3- to 5-day?international itinerary centered around Christmas or New Year?s Eve. Just avoid flying on January 1, since prices can jump 33 percent above average.

Another 7 tips for your holiday travel awaits. And then forget about whatever terribly cold city you have to spend Christmas in, and start shopping for some deals for the first week of January.


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