Top Five Destinations of Anchorage

I need to return to Anchorage. It has been way too long since I could walk on a city trail and spy a moose around the bend. It gets the blood pumping as you have to avoid eye contact and try to pretend you don?t hear the huffing and pawing as you walk quickly along your way. It?s been a long time since I could watch a movie at nine at night and still enjoy the sunset afterwards. It has been a bit since I had to worry about snow in June. I miss that town, though I only stayed a short time. Once you get a little Alaska in your blood, it?s tough to stay away. Plus, if you can attend this event, you might find yourself a good, strong, Alaskan woman. It might be enough to get you to stay up there. Trust me, it?s tough to leave, especially if you follow my five destinations below.

Eat breakfast at Snow City Caf?

Every day in Alaska needs to start with a good breakfast, and from my perusal of different places, the Snow City Caf? looks to be a perfect spot. The Kodiak Benedict has poached eggs over crab cakes, covered in hollandaise. There?s a tundra scramble that combines eggs, cheddar cheese and reindeer sausage. There are also fresh-baked pecan sticky buns and blueberry shakes. I could go on and on.

Hike the Tony Knowles Coast Trail

Last time I was in Anchorage, I took a walk down the Tony Knowles Coast Trail as my friend had work or something. It?s where I saw a mother moose with two calves. I had just stopped being able to hear the sounds of the road and I couldn?t believe the trail?s sudden transformation into a natural paradise.

Visit the Alaskan Law Enforcement Museum

Ok, let?s get one museum out of the way. The Law Enforcement Museum is a museum dedicated to police officers. I?m not sure I?ve ever heard of such a museum. For the visitors interested in a little bondage history, there is a display of antique handcuffs.

Eat dinner at Jens? Restaurant

I know I can?t eat dinner every night at Jens? Restaurant because of the prices. However, at least one night, I should enjoy some fresh caught smoked salmon for an appetizer, a Spanish style seafood soup, pan-seared Kodiak scallops and chocolate mousse for dessert. I?ll try not to think of the great steaks that are also available there so I can avoid spending way too much on dinners.

Repeat with different trails and different restaurants

Yes, I gave up picking a fifth and will just say each day I?d grab a breakfast at Snow City Caf?, then find another hike like Flattop Mountain, Bird Ridge, Chester Creek or whatever. Then at night I could go to Humpy?s for a beer and trivia, eat a pizza and drink a beer at Moose?s Tooth Pizza or combine beer, food and a movie at Bear Tooth Theatrepub. Yes, that schedule could keep me going for a long, long time.

Any suggestions for things that I missed? Any additional recommendations for the area? Just let me know in the comments.

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