Flirty Conversation Starters

Make a memorable impression for all the right reasons with these flirty conversation starters. There?s nothing wrong with a simple starter, such as asking how she knows the host at a party, but there are also some more interesting ways you can open a conversation.

?You look just like??

Everyone loves being compared to a celebrity. It?s a way of telling her that she?s attractive, without coming off as desperate. You obviously can?t compare a woman to a celebrity that she has absolutely no resemblance to, so choose wisely. It needs to be a flattering comparison that is also believable.

This technique even works when you can?t think of a celebrity to compare her to. Instead, think of a fictional character and tell her she looks just like how you imagined the character to look. This works best with classic, well-known books, and has the advantage of making you seem cultured for having read the book.

Ask for a woman?s opinion

This one?s a little sneaky. Come up with a question that you everyone has an opinion on, preferably on a topic which women are stereotypically learned in, such as fashion. For example, ?My friend told me this shirt I?m wearing is geeky, and we need a fashionable woman?s opinion to settle it?. It?s complimenting her sense of style, and it?s guaranteed to lead to a conversation. Don?t be afraid to disagree with her opinion or ask her what her reasoning is, because this is how an interesting conversation can start.

?You look like a (luxury car brand) driver. Am I right??

Even if she drives an old bomb, she?ll be flattered that you think she?d look at home behind the wheel of something that costs her entire salary. Make it something believable- for example, few people can afford a Lamborghini, but an Audi is more attainable for most. This won?t be flattering for a woman who actually is rich enough to drive an expensive car, so the idea is for her to laugh, take the compliment and correct you.

Do you believe in astrology?

A surprisingly large amount of Americans believe in astrology. Ask her if she believes in it, and if she says yes, cast a horoscope for her. Ask her what her star sign or Chinese zodiac year is, and exclaim that you could have picked that from a mile away because she?s so fiery/chilled out/perceptive (you can make up pretty much any trait for this one). If she says that she doesn?t believe in astrology, you can take the conversation in a completely different direction. You could ask her reasoning for not believing it, and compliment her critical thinking skills. Or you could tell her that you never used to believe in fortune telling, but your dinner fortune cookie said you?d meet someone special that night, and now it?s come true. This conversation starter could go a multitude of ways, so get creative. Don?t fall into the trap of reciting a horoscope even if she?s said she thinks they?re made up, just because you were expecting her to say that she believes in them.

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