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Being productive is important to us. If we don’t get out to the bar on a Saturday night and are able to talk with our buds about the previous week, and actually have things to say about how we’ve been productive, well, that’s how we end up in a terrible place mentally and physically. Men are like sharks, in that we have to keep on moving or else we die.

And so today we’re heading over to Men’s Fitness where they have a list of ways to keep being productive. Among the things they suggest is by taking things one hour a week at a time. And here’s the night they suggest:

Sunday night. You pick the hour. Grab a pen and a notebook. Let?s get started.

On the left hand of each page you’re going to put every hour of the workday on its own line, and at the bottom of the page you are going to write ?To-do List? with several empty lines beneath it. Here?s where the magic happens.

Write down every set appointment, phone call, or meeting you have for the week. Yes, this is redundant if you use an online calendar, but it?s worth it.

Write in your workout schedule. Your job is to treat these time slots just like you would any other meeting. They aren?t missed, you simply work around them. Fitness alone can change your entire week. If you do one thing from this article, it is this.

And from there they have another few tips that they recommend in order to get your week out to a good start. So head on over to the above link and check out those ways that you can make your week that much more productive. Sleeping on this advice is a way to sleep on your productivity.

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