Must-Read: What If She’s Playing Hard to Get

Girls play hard to get. This is a fact. Whether or not this is successful, or whether or not this is some kind of learned behavior or instinct in order to get the male to “play the game” in order to further show his worth and desire to get her, well, that’s a question for someone else with a much higher degree than ours to tackle. For us, all we can say is that women, indeed, play hard to get. With that in mind, how are we supposed to handle it? It’s a tough situation, but not one without some answers.

Which is why today we’re heading on over to Men’s Health where they have a primer for what it means when she’s playing hard to get. For example, among the ways that she may be doing this and how you should react:

2. She?s always busy

She?s turning down your invitations left and right, claiming excuses such as ?best friend?s birthday,? and ?got invited to an Oscars viewing party.? There are three possibilities: She?s a crazy-busy social butterfly, she?s not interested, or she?s sending a message. ?She wants you to know that she?s not just sitting at home, waiting around for you to call,? says Mehta. ?It?s how she protects herself from ending up in a too-casual relationship.?

She?s still interested if: She says “yes” to invitations that are not last-minute. ?She doesn?t want you to think that she?s free all the time, or that she?s willing to drop everything to be with you,? says Mehta. ?But if you get rejected more than once or twice?and you definitely gave her enough notice, she might just be dodging your advances.?

This is just one of the ways that she may be playing hard to get, and this is

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