Must-Read: Approaching Women at the Bar

Here’s the thing about girls at bars: They’re there for a reason. And that reason sometimes is simply to hang out with their friends. Sure, that happens. But also, a lot of times, they’re there because they want a nice looking gentlemen suitor to come by and give them a little talking to. This is also, obviously, a common reason. The only thing that you have to keep in mind then about that latter one is that just because they want to talk to a guy doesn’t necessarily mean they want to talk to you. YET. At least. See, you can truly mess it up if you don’t approach them right. It’s truly the most important part of the process.

Which is why today we’re heading on over to where they have a list of ways that you need to know if you want to approach women at the bar. For instance:

Do Focus on the Group

Talk to my friends, even if I’m out with some guys. Sure, you’ve seen me, but you should make me work for it a little. Girls like a chase too, and seeing someone make our friends laugh, or having a good time with them, is intriguing.

And also this one:

Don’t Creep Up and Dance Behind Me

The music is quiet and I?m not on the dance floor — and even if I am, it isn?t an excuse to lurk up and push your junk on me. Introduce yourself to me first, and I might let you grab me in time… after a drink.

Head on over to the link above to check out the other 8 tips that they have for us. And then get on out there and start trying to approach some ladies at the bar!

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