Must-Read: Dubious Food Claims

Food fads are all about money. Just like fashion or music or pretty much any kind of entertainment-based thing out there, a few foods every year tend to be the “new, hip” food that everyone who’s everybody is loading up their fridge or cabinet with. The problem is that a lot of those foods are being purchased based on claims that aren’t entirely real.

And so today we’re heading on over to Men’s Health where they have a list and explainer of six of the healthy food trends that are making claims that they may not be able to back up. For example, among the six that they’re highlighting in the piece is this wacky food you need to keep a look out for:


The buzz: It?s been around for thousands of years, but it?s having a revival. Compared to reduced-fat cow?s milk, one cup of camel’s milk has about 10 fewer calories, mainly because moo juice has 3 grams more protein and a little more fat. Research in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests camel?s milk may improve blood sugar control and insulin resistance in diabetics.

The bottom line: Some brands of camel’s milk can run $16 a pint. (Ouch!) You may prefer the naturally sweeter taste, but beyond that there?s really no pressing reason to choose it over cow?s milk, says Monique Ryan, RD, CSSD, author of Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes.

That’s just one of them. Make sure not to spend your money in order to get basically nothing extra. So head on over to the above link to check out the other foods that may be trying to scam their way into your grocery cart this year, and why you should think twice before allowing them inside.

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