Must-Read: Hangover Non-Cures

A funny thing happens as you grow older. Once, when you were able to bounce back from a night of partying after only a few hours and a pot of coffee, your body no longer is up for that challenge. Now, instead, you’re stuck in bed for the next day with a blistering headache and are going through the various “hangover cures” that are out there. The problem is, a lot of those “cures” don’t really cure anything at all.

And so today we’re heading on over to Men’s Health where they have a list of hangover cures that don’t work. Among the pieces of advice that they have for you of hangover curse that just don’t work:


The idea: Loading up on sausage, eggs, and hash browns will help absorb what alcohol is left.

The truth: The alcohol is long gone by the time you wake up, and greasy food will probably give you heartburn. However, some kind of food is better than nothing, Murray adds. ?By ingesting alcohol, you?ve disturbed your GI tract,? he explains. Anything that alleviates that feeling of emptiness?like eating?will probably make you feel better, and give you extra energy to combat that fatigue. Most nausea is due to an empty stomach, too, so while you may not feel like eating, try and stomach something. The more nutrients, the better, Murray adds, so opt for eggs or fresh juice at the very least.

The list has another bunch of the usual remedies that we have always thought would help us get over our hangovers, but really they’re just things that idiots do because they need to do something. Also, the link actually HAS the cure for your hangover. So head on over to the link above, check out the cures, and don’t waste a day.

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