Must-Read: How to Flirt Better

Flirting is tough. You want to make sure that you get on out there and get yourself noticed by the ladies, but you also want to make sure that you’re not one of those pushy assholes who tend to put their feet in their mouths. There’s a fine line between being cute and being a jerk, and it you have to make sure you pay attention to that line when you’re out there and trying to meet a new friend.

And so today we’re heading to where they have a list of 10 ways in order to make sure you’re flirting better. Among the pieces of advice that they’re giving us is this nugget of wisdom:

Give Her Space

When guys are starting to hit it off with a girl they’re interested in, a lot of the time they get worried that if they let the conversation die or let her out of their sight for a moment, she’ll lose interest. Most of the time, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If things are going well, don’t be afraid to leave her with a cliffhanger and excuse yourself for a moment. It will make you come off as a lot more confident than trying to drag on the conversation long enough to rival the ending of a Lord of the Rings film. Confident, desirable men aren’t afraid of losing her interest, and are just as concerned about having a good time themselves as they are of talking to her. Even if you aren’t quite so certain of yourself, remember that emulating the behavior can be just as effective as really living and breathing it.

Head on over to the link to check out the rest of the advice, and then get to flirting with the ladies out there.

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