Must-Read: The Manliest Soundtrack Around


listenstuffMusic not only helps sooth the savage beast, but it also makes things that much better. If something is happening that is great, and there’s music on during it that perfectly fits in with the greatness, then it’s going to make that moment that much better. The key is knowing which music to play, and it’s not always the music you expect. When it comes to doing some of the “manlier” things in life, making sure the soundtrack matches the event is step number one to having yourself the best of times that you can possibly have.

So today we’re heading on over to where they have suggestions for what things should be on your soundtrack when you’re doing the manliest of things. For instance, here’s their number 10 selection:

“The Distance” – Cake

Words of wisdom: “But he’s driving and striving and hugging the turns/and thinking of someone for whom he still burns/He’s going the distance”

To be used when: preparing for a comeback, whether it’s winning back a girl or a just a simple point of pride.

This song broke the Sacramento band into the mainstream in 1996. Fans connected with the crunchy guitar riff and idiosyncratic lyrics about a man still striving for victory even though he has lost. Just because that one girl shot you down or left with someone else, doesn’t mean your night is over. A real man keeps fighting until he’s proven himself to himself.

Makes sense to us! Head on over to check out the rest of the selections, and then start turning up those headphones when you’re doing plenty of manly things.

About Rick Mosely

Rick is the editor for TSB magazine.

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