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Must-Read: Don’t Do These Things On Planes

Flying is one of the only times that we are basically feeling like we’re at home in public. We have our little area surrounding us, and we’re filling that area with our own belongings and mini-computers and screens and books and magazines and anything else to keep our mind from the fact that we’re flying. We’re resting our heads on pillows, and take off our shoes, and try to just get a few hours of sleep. And we’re doing this in a crowded jet filled with hundreds of other people doing the same exact thing. Things can get kind of stupid up on a plane.

Which is why today we’re heading over to Men’s Health where they have a list of things that you never want to do on a flight. Personally, here’s our two least favorite things that happen on planes:

5. Texting constantly.

You know the guy: He?s so busy staring at his phone that he never realizes he?s whacking other passengers in the face with his backpack while boarding the plane. Even worse: ?Passengers talking on the phone can’t get their bags into the overhead bin. I have yet to see anyone succeed with the one-arm swing,? says Poole.

6. Zoning out during drink orders.

When the drink cart is rolling down the aisle, be a decent human being, take your headphones off, and give the flight attendant your attention when she?s talking to you. ?I’ll ask passengers two to three times what they’d like to drink before they even think to pull them out,? says Poole. And with over 100 passengers, it leads to a logjam and crappier service.

Head on over to the link to check out the other things not to do, and then keep those in mind the next time you get on a place. Especially, if you’re flying the skies with us.

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