Must-Read: Start Running Like An Exciting Person

Here’s the problem with running. It is boring. It is so boring. All you’re doing is picking a place and running to that place, without anything exciting going on at all. All you’re doing is, like, walking there but walking there in a quicker way. The trick, then, is to make it a lot more exciting than it actually is so then you can actually get through it and get yourself in tip-top shape.

So, you have to change things up by actually making running more exciting than you’re think. Luckily, there are a huge number of ways to do that. And so today we’re heading on over to where they have a list of ten ways that you can make your training regiment a whole lot more exciting. For example, among the ways that they are suggesting to make your running better:

Run Without Music

While running with music can be a great motivator, sometimes it can be good to run without. This will give your run a whole new dynamic, and many find that just listening to their breathing patterns and their body at work will help them turn their thoughts inward, providing excellent stress relief.

In addition to that, paying attention to your breathing can ensure that you are using the proper technique and maintaining a regular breathing style.

So head on over to the link above in order to check out the rest of the tips that they have to make your running a whole lot more exciting. Get on over there, check it out, and then get to running without being so damn bored about it.

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