Must-Read: Most Romantic Places in Nature

If there’s one thing that you hopefully realize by now, it’s that taking your lady out for a date in the glory of nature is a fine idea if you’re in the mood to get a little action. There’s nothing more romantic than a night out under the stars, without the stresses of the modern life keeping you all wound up. Getting out in nature is a sure-fire way to spend some quality time with your gal.

And so today we’re heading over to where they have a list of the most romantic places in nature. Here are two of our favorites that they mention:

Mackinac Island

In the 19th century, Michigan’s Mackinac Island was a popular tourist destination and summer colony, and before that it was a center of commerce in the Great Lakes fur trade. Today it is recognized as a National Historic Landmark, with sites like Fort Mackinac, built in 1780, attracting visitors from far and wide. Historically, the island attracted many renowned writers, including Thoreau and Melville, and yearly festivals are held to commemorate the island’s heritage.

And here’s another one:

Sequoia National Park

The Sequoia National Park is home to some of Earth’s tallest and oldest living things, the giant sequoia trees from which the park takes its name. The tallest tree in the park, for example, is General Sherman, standing nearly 300 feet above the ground and with an estimated age of 2,700. Visitors to the park can opt to drive through or take their time and explore the trees up close. Anyone in need of an extra dose of humility is encouraged to do the latter.

Not too shabby. Now head on over to the above link to check out the other selections they have. And then take your gal out there in order to make sure that you’re going to have a fine time that evening.

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