Must-Read: How to Travel and Make Money

There are people in your life — you know them, certainly — who just have kind of gotten it figured out. They’re traveling all over the world, and finding a way to do it while they’re working and actually making money. They’re not taking vacation so much as their entire life is part vacation. The thing is, these people aren’t millionaires or onto some special secret to living. They’re simply following steps that have been established. And you can too.

And so today we’re heading on over to the Four Hour Work Week blog in order to get the scoop on how to accomplish this. Among why they recommend to travel:

Why travel?

Because it?s unbelievably awesome.

Now is the time: it?s feasible like never before. You can put in a full work day no matter where you are. If you?re standing in line for airport security, you can listen to The Changelog. If you?re in the Hungarian countryside, you can work perfectly via 4G. If you?re flying across the world, you can work from the moment you buckle in to the moment you stand up to get off the plane. The airport will have WiFi to push a commit if your plane didn?t. You can travel while producing some of the best work of your career, and you will grow with every new stamp in your passport.

The secret benefit: avoiding burnout.

I don?t take vacations. I don?t want to work hard to build a company that makes lots of money so I can piss off and go on holiday. I?m at a start-up. I?m a part of it, and it?s a part of me. This is a marathon, and there will be a winner. Traveling and working allows you to go non-stop. There is no burnout. There?s no staring at a clock or calendar waiting for the EOD/weekend/break. You?re refreshed weekly, and you can hone your focus and structure your time so you are a cross functional superstar who never stops learning.

Head on over to the link above to check out the rest of the post. It is extremely valuable.

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