5 Low Cost Business Ideas That Can Earn You $1000 on the Side

5 Business Ideas for Earning Extra Money

With the job market getting tougher and tougher, the economy on shaky ground, and the cost of living rising every year, now is a great time to consider to starting a business on the side?

Here’s the great news. ?20 years ago it cost A LOT of money to start a new business. ?The internet has changed all that and has dramatically lowered the cost of selling goods and services. ?This website your reading is a prime example of a “side business” that earns thousands of dollars every month. And it could next to nothing to start up.

Over on Cash Money Life?there is an article that discusses 5 ideas of businesses you can start with very little money.

The article contains a diverse group of ways to earn some extra cash. ?Here is one off the list.

2. Consulting

Why not get paid for all that knowledge in your head? Offer your services as a consultant on a subject at which you are considered an expert. From gardening to statistics (my husband did this) to social media, your expert knowledge might be valuable to someone else.

It helps to have a website so that others can find you. The costs of buying a domain name, paying for hosting, and even buying a theme you can use aren?t usually very high. You can start a professional blog or other website less than a few hundred dollars. A professional design can be more expensive, but isn?t always required. It?s even possible to do it for no cost beyond what you pay for your home Internet service, depending on what services you use. Promote your services on social media and establish your expertise with a blog, and you can bring in consulting work.

Personally, I’ve made a nice income consulting people on dating and relationship advice over the past seven years. I’ve seen people earn living consulting on business, fitness, yoga, life coaches.

BONUS: ?One additional business idea that I thought I’d mention is helping local businesses with SEO and online marketing. ?Most businesses are clueless about how to market themselves online. ?All you need to do is study a little, learn how it works, and then create a business doing it for local small businesses.

Read the other 4 low cost business ideas here.? And then commit to starting one of them. ?Look at it this way, even if you can just earn enough to pay your rent, you’ll be steps ahead of the rest of the people out there.


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