The Shocking Truth About How Lebron James Got Cancer From His iPhone

When cell phones first came out, some people were claiming that the EMF radiation from cell phones might not be good for our health. Scientists told those alarmists to put on their tin foil hats because there was no evidence that short-term cell phone use caused any harm. However, now that we’ve been using cell phones for decades, there has been a sharp increase in brain tumors and cancer of the mouth.

Lebron James recently had a cancerous tumor removed from one of his salivary glands, and multiple other celebrities such as John McCain and Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys have had salivary gland tumors. Mainstream scientists and health educators are now concerned that long-term use of cell phones is causing these cancers. Ben Greenfield states on his blog:

“And this isn?t just cell phones we?re talking about. I?must point out that there is?more than just one type of damaging electromagnetic field (EMF),?including:

-Radiation frequency,?WiFi, cell phone and cell towers coming from your home, public transit, airplane, environment and anywhere where a large group of people with tech gadgets congregate.

-Dirty electricity coming from appliances near your bedroom, fuse boxes, smart meters, hair dryers, televisions, power lines, light fixtures, microwaves and other electronics. You can test anything with your Trifield meter. The safe limit is 1mG.

-Non-native magnetic fields from extension cords, power outlets, some electronics and metal bed frames.

Perhaps you?re getting the idea why?the massive post-industrial surge in cancer rates is not just limited to mouth cancer. It?s affecting every cell in our entire body ? above and beyond simply our heads.”

Read more about how your cell phone may be giving you cancer, and how you can really protect yourself from “dirty electricity” and dangerous EMFs at Ben Greenfield Fitness.

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