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13 Tips for Finding Financial Harmony as Newlyweds

What to Do After You Say “I Do” Regarding Finances?

Many married couples will tell you that the biggest point of contention between couples is the problem with finances. In fact, I personally?spoke with one person who said the first fight they had with their spouse was on their honeymoon and it was about money.

Let’s face it – money makes a huge part of our lives.?People?often will come into marriage with have preconceived notions about money and spending. ?They may been brought up differently and in different financial situations, and because of this, they make different financial decisions.

There’s a very insightful and useful article that I found on Forbes that I suggest every newlywed couple sits down and reads together. Here is one of the tips from that article:

Talk about your financial goals, memories and habits.

?Things you want to talk about are your goals, dreams, visions for the future,? says Nicklas. ?And talk about your parents. What kinds of conversations did you grow up with around money? Did your parents fight about money, were they spendthrifts, were they afraid to spend money? At the time of the month they paid the bills, was that a stressful experience?? Also discuss your current money habits ? whether you live paycheck to paycheck, whether you are a saver, how you decide whether or not to buy something, what your attitude would be toward a windfall.

If you find there are differences, there?s no need to freak out. You?re just learning about the other person, with an attitude of understanding. Later on, you?ll create out a setup that will work for both of you, even if you have different approaches.

Using the tips that are in this article can help you and your spouse to avoid many of the arguments that plague couples in their marriages. The tips aren’t going to keep you from fighting all of the time, but they can help you understand the other person better and their financial goals and ideas. ?Understand one another better and be up front, and you will find that life is much simpler and easier for the two of you.

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About Sharon H. Sharon is in her 40s and she has been writing for the Internet since August of 2007. She also is working on a children's book series for ages 5 to 8. One of her favorite topics to write about is personal finance and investing, since she loves helping people to save money.

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