Must-Read: Is Barefoot Running Actually Good?

At this point, you’ve seen these people either going around the track or going around the trails. They’re jogging just like normal, with one very distinct difference from the other joggers that are around them. Instead of using shoes like everyone else, they’re running around barefoot. Right away, you probably have one of two reactions: (1) What the hell are they doing that for? and (2) Is that actually better for you than running with shoes?

And so today we’re heading on over to where they have a primer for what’s going on with this barefoot running thing. Is it really all that good for you? Is it something that will benefit your running in any way? Well, here’s a part of what they have to say:

Here?s a curious fact. Despite shoe manufacturers? claims that built-up sneakers will protect us, they haven?t reduced the rate of running injuries: In the past four decades, running injuries haven?t happened any less often.

In fact, none of the research looking at various kinds of shoes shows any real effect on injury.

It turns out that our running gait actually matters more than the shoe.

And good form ? which includes impact forces and compliance ? can protect us from injury and improve our performance far more reliably than any type of shoe.

Interesting stuff. Head on over to the above link to check out the rest of what they have to say about this, and then make the decision if you think that barefoot running is right for you, or if it’s just a crock.

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