Must-Read: The Style of Houdini

A lot of times we get our fashion tips from contemporary people. And that makes sense, seeing as fashion is truly about the time that we are living in. But every now and then, it pays to go through the annals of history and take a few notes from people who are giving us tips of how to dress… from beyond the grave!

And so today we’re heading on over to Esquire where they have a piece about the style of Houdini. It really is quite a treat to see the photos of him over there, and also worth it to take quite a few notes on how he dressed. But here’s some of the explanation they have for why Houdini is such a fashion trend setter:

Seven days later, Houdini died of appendicitis, fittingly on Halloween.

No one knows if Whitehead’s sucker punch ruptured Houdini’s appendix, but All Hallows Eve was indeed a fitting day for the mysterious Houdini to pass away.

Throughout it all, Houdini, a true gentleman of his time, retained impeccable style.

His tall, detachable collars were always crisp and white. His ties also sported a perfect dimple and sat casually askew. He always wore a hat outside. Those are things we at Esquire can really get behind.

So head on over to the link above to check out the goings-on of Houdini, and some of the lessons you need to take from the magician.

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