4 Ways to Tell if She’s GF Material

A lot of guys want to become good at meeting new girls, hooking up and scoring dates, because they’re actually looking for a really cool, fun and hot girl to be their girlfriend. And mostly because?they compromised a lot in the past.

Compromising on yourself is bad.

The?foundation to?a healthy, happy relationship is finding a girl that you?re compatible with, and that means zero compromising.

To help, here are 4 ways to see if your next fling is a compatible?keeper.


1. Have Sex with Her.

?Well, duh”

-I hear you say. But chances are you?re under evaluating just how important compatible carnal desires?are to a potential relationship.

Good sex is the lynch pin of any relationship. It?s that relatively small, but crucial thing that holds it all together.

If you don?t have good sex, you?ve got nothing.

I don?t care if she looks like Megan Fox, is as funny as Tina Fey and has all the girl-next-door charm of Emma Stone; if the sex is unfulfilling for you, eventually, you’ll want to dump or cheat on her.

If one of you has fantasies or kinks (as major or minor as they may be) that the other wants nothing to do with, or if the sex is just flat-out bad? Forget it, it?s over.

Eventually, the forbidden fruit of somebody who will do those?things for you will be too much to resist.

If for example, you?ve always wanted a threesome or maybe threesomes have become a staple of your sexual pallet, and you know that the girl you?re seeing would never, ever, in a million years have a threesome with you, I can almost guarantee you won?t stay with her.

The same is true for the girl you?re seeing. If she’s?not having her sexual needs and fantasies fulfilled by you, the countdown to break up has begun.

Even if you could bear to live the rest of your life never being truly sexually fulfilled, would you really want to? You don?t want to get to your deathbed and think,

?I wish I had gotten more blowjobs!?

So by all means, go for a test drive before you buy the car. Be safe, be consensual and find a girl?who flies the same freak flag as?you do.


2. Send the Crazy Marriage Text.

?What?s the Crazy Marriage Text?”

Slow down there, hotshot. Let?s go over the safety presentation first.

1. Keep it fun, flirty and playful.

2. Be creative, silly and even over the top.

3. In no way make her actually think you?re asking her to get married.

4. Tailor it to your own curiosities, humor and personality.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Okay, so if you want to feel out exactly what kind of a girl it is that you?re seeing, a great and easy way to do so?is by sending the Crazy Marriage Text.

Essentially, you?re going text her some ridiculous marriage proposal. The formula looks like this:

?What are your thoughts on getting married in (place), having a (wildly sexual) honeymoon and then living out the rest of our lives as (fantasy fulfillment or inside joke)?”

You can riff on the formula, but honestly, the crazier the better. Go to the extreme of what?s compatible for you.

So if you?re like me and you?re into bad ass, rocker, party girls (take your maxi dress and Taylor Swift filled iPod and beat it, missy. And while you?re at it, tell your leather jacket-wearing, Death from Above 1979 loving sister I say, ?what?s up??), then you might try sending something like,

?What are your thoughts on getting married in Vegas, and having a cocaine hooker orgy honeymoon before living out the rest of our lives as swingers??

Now to be clear, I don?t really want to have a cocaine and hooker orgy. It?s an extreme example of my personality and this text is going to test compatibility in a lot of ways.

First, it?s essentially going to let me know how cool she is by gauging how witty her comeback text is. If this doesn?t freak her out and she?s able to retort with something that legitimately makes me laugh (while maybe also turning me on a bit), then she’s winning points.

It?s also going to let me feel out our sexual compatibility. Even if you?ve already slept with a girl, all your cards might not be on the table. So, how she addresses the orgy and then living the rest of our lives as swingers?is?going to tell me a lot about how open she is sexually.

***Note: This text is also a great technique to shake up or avoid falling into the friend zone.


3. Be Yourself Around her.

You simply can?t hide who you are from somebody forever.

Now, I?m not saying to start showing up for dates without a shower and in sweatpants while scratching your balls and crudely mentioning all the horrible things that pop into your mind.

Don?t throw your dignity, hygiene and social graces out the window here.

But be forward and honest about who you are. Don?t ever compromise or conceal your passions, your hobbies, your opinions, your preferences, your goals or your ambitions.

Theirs is no point in dating somebody if they?re going to take away the things that make you, you. Even if she looks like a movie star and fucks like a porn star, if you lose or have to conceal the things you love, just to be with her, you?ll be miserable.

Here?s the good news. Being true to yourself and not agreeing or having all the same interests as the person you’re dating are actually attractive qualities.

Disagree, bicker and have conflicting personal tastes. It?ll make you more interesting and earn much more of her respect.

If she simply can?t gel with who you really are as a person or you find yourself getting away from your true calling to make the relationship work, man up and move on to somebody who gets you.


4. See if Your Female Friends Approve.

By no means should you live out your life solely based on what somebody else thinks that you should do.

That being said, women are an excellent judge of character when it comes to other women.

Sure, your new girl getting along with your buddies is a bonus. But let?s face it, the first time you bring her around the guys, you?ll most likely just get a, ?Dude, she?s hot. Nice!?

Your female friends, on the other hand, are not only most likely?legitimately concerned for your happiness, but they will break down every little thing about your new girl and point out all her flaws. And I mean all of them.

Now, you might not always get a direct reason why she?s not right for you, but if your female friends spend 20 minutes going through their list of her imperfections, something is most definitely up.

But, if they start ranting and raving about how much they love her, it?s a clean bill of health.

Rarely will you get a neutral response; chances are your female friends are dying to meet your new girl and let you know what they think.

You?ll want to get multiple opinions from a few of your female friends to root out any margins of error (jealousy, clashing personalities etc.), but take their opinion under serious consideration.

Oh and if you don?t have any female friends, get some. You?ll be surprised what you can learn from the fairer sex.

Also, they’ll introduce you to all their single friends.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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