How to Create the “Burning Desire” That Makes Success Come Easily

Today I want to share a big insight that changed every aspect of my life, and why I created a Facebook page to help you do the same thing.

I first read the book Think and Grow Rich when I was in college.?? While it made sense to me, it wasn?t until years later that I fully understood the power of what was being taught.

I kept getting stuck on the second chapter: Desire: The Starting Point of all Achievement.

Well, duh. Right?

Initially that seemed like common sense, but as years went by and I was still stuck in second gear in my life I kept coming back this idea. Napoleon Hill says in order to achieve any kind of success you must have a ?BURNING DESIRE.?

And it was time I was became honest with myself.

I didn?t have that burning desire. At best I had a ?mild hope.?

I can remember buying lottery tickets, and each time I bought one, I would day dream what it would be like to be rich for the next twenty minutes. That was the extent I really focused on ?success.?

Then I would go back to my life.

I?d have the occasional ?ambitious thought? but it would quickly be replaced with of some girl I was trying to hook up with, or what was going to happen on LOST this week, or what bar I should watch the football game at on Sunday.

Finally I came to the conclusion ?I just don?t want it bad enough.??? And figured there was nothing I could do about it. I wasn?t meant to be successful. ?It wasn’t important enough for me.

So I spent most of my time focused on girls.

Now, it was around that time I was developing a lot of the principles that would later make up The Scrambler.

And one of the key insights I had, and a key reason the Scrambler is so effective, is that I began to notice that we desire who we think about the most. And if you can get a girl thinking about you enough, you can make her fall in love with you.

And it all boils down to one main idea: Thoughts = Desire.

Thoughts = Desire

While I immediately recognized the power this had in seducing girls, it wasn?t until a couple of years later that I realized this one key idea could have over my entire life.

At the time my brother and I had just started a company painting houses. ?And I hated it. ?I hated every minute of it.

And then one day I made a life changing decision.

Every day during the eight hours I would spend painting someone?s house I would usually have earphones on blasting music through my Ipod. But for whatever reason one night?I decided to add a few ?success? audio programs I had lying around into my Itunes account.

And the next morning I spent eight straight hours listening to motivational, inspirational, and educational programs on success, money, and just about every area of self-improvement.

And then the next day I did the same thing. And the next day. And the next day.

I started searching Itunes for podcasts to subscribe to. ?Searching Audible for more audio books to listen to.

Now at the time most of my friends weren?t into this. So after work my roommates and I would go to the bar, or my attention would go back to some girl I was dating. And I?d kind of get ?distracted? from the stuff I had been listening to throughout the day.

But each morning, once again, I would flood my brain with these positive messages and educational training.

After a few months a strange thing started happening.

I began to THINK about success more. I began to think about the areas of my life I needed to improve.

I also began to really notice how BROKE I was. I began to notice how much I HATED my job. And I started thinking about the steps I needed to take to change this.

And I kept listening to these audio programs. And I kept THINKING?about it.

And then I started reading books. And watching Youtube videos. And searching out people who wanted to talk about this kind of stuff.

Then after about six months, a mild curiosity about ?success? turned into a BURNING DESIRE.

And I went from passively listening to advice on my Ipod to actively implementing things I was learning. And I focused more of my attention on these things.

And my desire grew and grew.

It Becomes EASY

Here?s the important thing about having a ?burning desire?; success is not quick, and there are HUNDREDS of things trying to distract you. ?But when you have a burning desire you enjoy every second of it. You get up at six in the morning excited to start your day because you?re moving one step closer to your goal.

  1. Burning desire TRUMPS fear.
  2. Burning desire TRUMPS boredom.
  3. Burning desire TRUMPS pain.

And here is the best part: having a burning desire makes it EASY.

Let me clarify, it doesn’t make it happen quickly. It makes it happen easily.

You don’t get rich quick, but you can get rich easily. You don’t lose 20 pounds overnight, but you can lose those pounds easily.


Lack of this burning desire is what keeps overweight people from losing weight. It is what keeps broke people from becoming rich. And it is what keeps lonely people from meeting someone.

?Hold on.? You might be saying.

I really want a cool, hot girlfriend.

My answer: Sure you think it would be nice to have one. And you ?wish? she would appear in your life. And you might even spend time thinking about a certain girl you would like to have.

But you don’t have a burning desire.

I see it all the time with guys I coach. They tell me how bad they want a girlfriend, yet they spend more time watching sports, getting drunk with their friends, or surfing the Internet then they do working toward that goal.

Years ago, I had gotten cheated on and dumped by a girl I thought I was going to marry. And that set off a BURNING DESIRE in me to make her regret that decision.

Let me tell you what a burning desire looks like:

In the span of several months I got into the best shape of my life, completely changed my wardrobe, started going tanning, joined three different online dating sites, went out to bars three nights a week, read book after book after book on flirting, female psychology, and attraction.

And then went out and tried to implement everything I was learning. I practiced on chubby girls, old women, co-workers, female friends, and the dozens of girls I was messaging everyday on Myspace (yes, that is how long ago).

That is what BURNING DESIRE looks like.

?Oh, but that seems hard? you think.


When you have a BURNING DESIRE it is the easiest thing in the world. It consumes you. It guides you. It makes it all effortless.

Remember, it happens EASILY, NOT quickly.

And I think that is what prevents most people from ever achieving success.

They expect it to happen fast. And they don’t put enough time in to develop sufficient DESIRE.

If I had stopped listening to those ?success? tapes after three months I probably would be like dozens of other guys saying, ?this stuff doesn’t work.?

But I didn?t stop. I kept listening. And eventually the BURNING DESIRE kicked in.

And then it became easy.

I don’t know exactly what path you’re on at the moment. But I want to help you get there. And I can tell you right now it all starts with BURNING DESIRE.


How do you create burning desire?

You immerse yourself in something until it becomes the only thing you can think about.

Magical things happen at that point.

There is a moment in time when you brain switches from thinking, ?I want this so bad? to ?What MUST I do to make it happen.?

That is the switch that will change your life.

And I want to help you create it.

The 3 Enemies of a Burning Desire

There are three?reasons why most people never achieve the burning desire necessary to make success EASY.

  • They get distracted
  • They let ?negative? people bring them down
  • They don’t educate themselves enough to become interested.

Now, the first two are self-explanatory. But the third one is another LIFE CHANGING realization I had.

When you don’t understand something it is boring. It is frustrating. And we assume we just aren’t interested in it.

But that usually isn’t true.

Usually, if you can force yourself to learn a little more about something it begins to become very interesting.

And when something becomes interesting you think about it more.

And when you think about it more it eventually turns into a burning desire.

Igniting the Desire

A few years back I was completely out of shape. I had focused so much of my attention on achieving financial and relationship success that I completely neglected my body.

And I just couldn’t motivate myself to get back to the gym. Or to start eating healthier.

And then I remembered, = desire.

And I remembered that in order to think about something it must interest you.

And in order for something to interest you, you must educate yourself more on it.

So I began reading books and blogs posts on nutrition, health, and fitness.?? And soon it began to fascinate me.

I started understanding the different roles nutrients played in our bodies. I began to understand why sugar was so bad for you. I started to see that certain types of compound exercises were 10x more effective than the exercises I had normally done at the gym.

I spent time surfing Amazon for different vitamins, ?super foods?, and workout equipment to buy.

And soon I had developed a BURNING DESIRE.

Let me tell you, I lost 30 pounds, and I did it EASIER and more effortlessly than I ever imagined I could. For years I had used the excuse ?It’s too hard to lose weight in your thirties.?

But once that burning desire kicked in I got into the best shape I had been in since college.

So How Can TSB Magazine?Help you create a burning desire?

Well, remember we said the three enemies of a burning desire are

  1. Distraction
  2. Negative influence
  3. Boredom resulting from lack of education

Everything about TSB Magazine and TSB Magazine?s Facebook Page is designed to counter-act these three enemies.

3?reasons to ?Like? and Follow TSB?s Facebook Page (And How it Will Help Ignite That Desire)


Let?s face it. If you have a Facebook account chances are you’re going to surf through it a few times a day. Maybe more. And chances are your news feed is going to be filled with stuff that will have no positive bearing on your life. And will NOT lead to any sort of ?burning desire.?

That?s where TSB Magazine comes in. We want to be that ?positive distraction? guiding you back to your mission.

Our articles, posts, insights, videos, and pictures all focus on self-improvement, particularly in the areas of dating, personal finance, and health and fitness. So whatever area you’re currently working on you’ll find reminders and ways to improve.


Most people are negative. And because of that, most Facebook status updates consist of people complaining or pointing out all the negative shit going on in life.

Its easy to get sucked up in negativity when you browse through your news feed and see people posting about Ebola, ISIS, the stock market, Russia, recessions, baby killers, and every other piece of negative news they can find.

Everything posted on TSB is designed to do one of two things:

  1. Educate you


  1. Inspire you

Now, this doesn’t mean we fill your newsfeed with ?feel good fluff.?


We keep it real and aren?t above pointing out where you?re messing up and giving you a gentle nudge to get back on track.

Sometimes pain motivates us.

But pain can only act as a motivator when education is included with it.

Reason #3: Its educational

Whether you’re trying to get in shape, earn more money, or get more dates every single article on TSB Magazine and every single status update is designed to educate you on better ways to do all three of these things.

Remember, the more you educate yourself on a topic the more you become interested in it. The more you become interested in something the more you think about it. The more you think about it, the more you desire it.

And once that burning desire kicks in achieving it is EASY.

Right now you may have absolutely no interest in personal finance, but if you browse through TSB?s ?money? section every day reading a couple short articles pretty soon you’ll begin to understand a little bit more about the topic. And as you understand more, you naturally become more interested.

And next thing you know BAM you’re starting a retirement account or investing in a piece of real estate.

So if you’re convinced, LIKE TSB on Facebook.

Whether or not you decide to follow us on Facebook (its free so why wouldn’t you?) it is still important that you find a way to create a burning desire in yourself for achieving whatever it is you want.

As Tony Robbins says ?turn your shoulds into MUSTS?

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