Must-Read: Get Your Blood Sugar Tested

Let’s say you were going on a hike in the wilderness. The first thing you could do, maybe before you even begin packing all of the belongings that you need, is to map out a direction of what way you’re going, and where. That means getting hands on a legitimate map, with all of the hills and rivers and other obstacles that may be in your way. A map is important if you want to know where you’re going. And the human body works the same way. A lot of times, though, we just ignore the fact that we need to get our hands on a map.

And so today we’re heading over to Precision Nutrition where they have a few tips on the importance of testing your blood. For example, if you do get your blood tested, here’s one of the things that they may be testing for:

Glycated hemoglobin, or hemoglobin A1c
The glycated hemoglobin, or hemoglobin A1c test, allows doctors to estimate a patient?s average blood sugar levels across a period of several months.

No wonder A1c is often considered the gold standard for evaluating glucose levels. More and more healthcare professionals, both conventional and alternative, are basing their diagnosis and treatment on the information they get from it.

You can see why something like that may be beneficial for people to know about their own bodies. But that’s not all. A blood test can provide all sorts of other, important results that will give you a better roadmap to your body. So, head on over to the link to check out the rest, and then get to getting those blood tests already.

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