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Four great story telling tips to make sure your clients and you get ahead

Whether you are selling yourself for a new job or you are trying to sell widgets nobody is going to care unless you make their lives easier and save them time or money. ?To get your message to your clients or your boss you need to be able to tell not only a story but a be REALLY good at telling that story. ?You don’t want to be the guy who uses big words that nobody understands. ?If no one can get the point of your story it just ends up being a waste of words.

Learn about 4 great tips to keep your story straight and avoid pretension.

People from many backgrounds want to appear smart, learned, and informed. Sadly, that becomes more important than what they nominally want to get across. Such people will use convoluted syntax, grasp at multi-syllabic words they might not ordinarily use, and generally sacrifice content to form. What they want to communicate becomes of secondary importance,

But humans are driven by story. We even take historic events and push them this way and that so they fit into a neat narrative. We’re all suckers for a great tale. We use stories all the time to get out of trouble, meet potential romantic partners, lobby for change, choose political candidates, or sell a business deal.

You could be the smartest guy in the room but if the story you tell doesn’t let the listener get from point A to point B there is no point to weaving the tale. You could just be using too much industry jargon talking to a person outside your industry or getting too bogged down in the details. ?As humans we are driven by stories and the better tales we tell the more successful we are going to be.

Four great tips to get your story telling skills tried and true.

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