Stop Freezing Out! How to Approach Any Woman You Desire

Freezing out before talking to an attractive woman is one of the most humiliating and demoralizing things that can happen to a man.

I mean think about it, what we effectively tell ourselves every time we chicken out of approaching a woman is that we?re not attractive enough or not confident enough to talk to the hot girl that will probably end up going home with the guy who wasn?t as funny, good looking or successful, but had bigger balls than us.

But it doesn?t have to be that way. And that?s why I?m here.

In today?s article I want to talk about the ever so familiar ?freeze out? and how to stop this from happening when you want to approach an attractive woman.

Understand that it?s ok to be nervous

Here?s the thing, the difference between an average guy and a great seducer isn?t that a seducer doesn?t get nervous before approaching a woman. Heck, some of the best seducers that I know admit that they still get butterflies in their stomach before talking to a particularly attractive woman.

The difference is that every great seducer knows that this nervousness and fear is normal, and rolls with it. Whereas the guy who doesn?t know any better lets it psyche him out and ruin his chances of ever making an approach.

Stop hesitating

What sucks about approach anxiety is that it has a way of snowballing.

Every second that you spend hesitating before approaching an attractive woman is another second where you get more nervous, which in turn results in your hesitating even more, until it gets to a point where you?re way too nervous to even think about approaching.

So the next time that you see a beautiful woman that you?d like to meet, stop thinking, and just approach her. It doesn?t matter if the only words that you say to her are ?hi? and ?bye? all I want is for you to get used to the knee-jerk reaction of approaching instantly.

Not only will this help you stop yourself from psyching yourself out, it?ll also help you come across as a more confident and daring man, which in turn will make women respond to you way more powerfully.

Read her body language

Most men start freezing out the moment they start worrying about what exactly to say when approaching an attractive woman.

But here?s the thing. You could spit out the most elaborate pickup line or you could just say hi, and the chances are that a woman won?t pay attention to a word you?re saying. And that?s because her mind will be too busy sizing you up and reading your body language.

So stop worrying about what you?re going to say to a woman, and instead focus on your body language and vocal tone. With the correct body language and tone of voice, even a simple ?hi? can do wonders.

Be in the moment

It?s great to read up on seduction theory and to rehearse routines, but when you?re out there in the field, the only thing that you should focus on is being in the moment. You see, women can tell in an instant when you?re not 100% there in an interaction.

And a man who is completely and unreservedly immersed in an interaction has a powerful affect on a woman. So read all the seduction material that you want, but when you?re approaching a woman, put all of that to the back of your head and just focus on the here and the now.

Let go of your ego

Another reason that a lot of men suffer from approach anxiety is because they?re so worried about how a woman might react to their approach or what people around them might think.

Get over yourself and let go of your ego.

The world is much bigger than you and doesn?t care if one of your approaches goes good or bad.

Be outcome independent

A quality that a lot of great seducers and successful people in general have is that they are outcome independent.

This isn?t to say that you shouldn?t have goals and targets, but learn to roll with whatever outcome you get, be it good or bad. You?ll find that this takes a humongous amount of pressure off your approach and actually makes them way more fun.

Have fun

At the end of the day, if seduction feels like a chore, you?re not doing it right. So let go of your inhibitions and focus on having fun. Women actually respond to men who are more focused on creating a fun and exciting vibe than men who are focused on ?seducing? them.

Learn to enjoy the nerves

It doesn?t matter how good a seducer you become, you?ll always have that nervous twinge every time you approach a beautiful woman. But here?s the secret ? almost every great seducer enjoys and revels in this feeling. It makes them feel alive and inspired. So learn to love the butterflies.

Do it often

At the end of the day, the only thing that breeds confidence is competence. And the only way to become competent at approaching women is to do it often.

So I hope that you?ll use these tips and that they will help you approach women more often, and that one day you?ll be able to walk up to any woman you find attractive and start up a conversation without even thinking of chickening out.

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