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The Foolproof Method For Getting Her Number

Getting a girl?s number can be tricky.

Just by saying, ?Hey, can I get your number?? You?re basically laying yourself out at the mercy of the game court.

Have you built up enough rapport and sexual tension? Are you the kind of guy who seems worthy of her future attention? Are you?interesting enough to merit a confident woman?s investment?

Who knows, but you?re about to find out when you gamble away your game by asking for her number.

Here?s the greatest weakness about asking for a number. You?re asking.

You?re waiting for her permission to engage with her further and this reverses the power dynamic of the conversation.

As we know with game, it?s all about being in control and being confident. You get over your anxiety to approach, you present yourself as the fun master of your surroundings, you find your balls and establish sexual attraction. All of these things are about controlling the interaction.

And it?s not to say you should ?control women? or some such nonsense. I?m not suggesting you bonk her over the head and drag her back to your cave like some prehistoric ape-man.

You?re doing these things to show confidence because women like confident men. When you ask for her number, in a way you’re reverting back to some pubescent high-school version of yourself, waiting in anxiety to see if she says ?yes?.

So how do you solve the?age-old problem of?asking for a girl?s number?

You don?t ask her for her number. You tell her she CAN HAVE your number.

Here?s how it breaks down:

?Tell you what, give me your phone, I?m going to put my number in it.?

–is the line I bust out at the moment I would normally ask for her number.

What you?re doing is flipping the script on her, and instead of making her wonder if you?re worth her time, she?s wondering if she?s worth yours.

?Should I put my actual last name in here or just a physical description of me and the bar name??

Take the opportunity to tease her a bit. Make sure your tone is fun and playful and accuse her of being a player. You?re further flipping the script here, but it?s also great flirting and tension building to accuse her of being the one picking you up.

Then you hand the phone back.

?Text me if you want, if not, that?s totally cool too.?

Here, you’re?creating a no pressure situation for her, which is not only gentlemanly (well, not making you seem like a creep at least), but it makes the whole situation seem more casual, thus?increasing your odds for a call back. You see, the more casual a situation is for anybody, the more likely they are to agree.

It also makes you seem much more confident while not breaking the fact that you?re attracted to her. What you?re getting across by giving her your?number is saying ?I obviously want you to text me.? But by giving her the option not to, you?re basically saying ?but if you don?t, somebody else will.? Creating urgency and jealously, a powerful combination.

Now here?s the really brilliant part.

She?ll almost always text you immediately to make sure the number is right. If she does that, not only do you now have her number (see how that trick works?) but you know for a fact that she?s into you and wants your attention. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with all that ?send the first text and wait for a response back? anxiety.

This all works because you haven?t let the tension of the situation drop off, so once she texts you, don?t miss an opportunity for a witty comeback. Even use your proximity and the situation itself as a flirtatious joke.

Fun comeback texts include;

?Hey! Who?s that handsome guy you?re with??

?Good news! This isn?t a pizza place!?

?Is this a booty call??

?Cannot believe you got my number. Your pick up skills are insane.?

Again, you?re flipping the script while teasing and escalating that sexual tension.

Whatever you do though, text her right back immediately. You?ll further show confidence and differentiate yourself from all the other guys that have ever played the whole number exchange game with her.

The ?3 Day Rule? only worked in Swingers.

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