Do You Have The Right Seductive Traits? What Do Women Fall For

One of the many things that I love about women is how wonderfully diverse they are. From their hair colors to their hopes and dreams to their personalities, each and every woman is like a different book to be read and never fully understood.
So if you ever meet a pickup guru who claims that he can teach you to attract any and every woman that you meet with one given formula, I suggest that you keep your money firmly in your pocket and back away slowly.

You see, what each woman wants from a man differs based on her personality, life situation, upbringing and a myriad of other factors.
So it?s virtually impossible to determine what each and every woman wants from a man. But that said, over the years I have learned that there are a few things qualities and traits that women of high quality respond to. So for the sake of this article, and for the sake of learning, following are the ten things that I believe that women want from men.


Being a woman in this world is hard. On one hand women get shamed and judged for a thousand different things like dressing too ?slutty? or being too ?easy?, but on the other hand they also get hostile treatment from men for rejecting their advances or being ?bitchy.?

But a great seducer understands that he should never view any one woman as easy or difficult. He understands that the only thing he needs to do is to make a woman feel like she has a safe and non-judgmental environment where she can test her romantic and sexual boundaries.
And he knows that once a woman feels this sense of understanding with him, she?ll be putty in his hands.


A lot of men make the mistake of only being kind and generous towards women that they desire. But women see through this immediately. The fact of the matter is that we can only judge a person?s true character by how they treat people that they need nothing from. So focus on being a warm and caring person to everyone around you. From the old lady you meet at the grocery store to the hot girl you meet outside the club.


Honesty is the best policy they say. And they?re kind of right. See here?s the thing, women are willing to overlook a number of shortcomings in men as long as they?re honest and open about it. Slept with a hundred different women? Hide it and she will run from you. Embrace and admit it and she?ll do everything thing she can to possess you.


Don?t get me wrong, I?m a feminist and I don?t believe that women need men to feel safe financially or emotionally in this day and age. But a man who is strong for those he cares about has a powerful effect on women. Let her see how you look out for your family and friends and she?ll know that you?re the type of man that she can depend on. And that?s the type of man she?ll find attractive.


It?s true women are attracted to bad boys who seem to not give a shit. But let me tell you this, women go absolutely freaking crazy for bad boys with a streak of compassion. Ride motorcycles during the day and volunteer at a homeless shelter in the night? Her panties couldn?t drop as fast as she?d like for you. But remember, these aren?t things that you can fake. Genuinely become a compassionate person. Your life will turn out to be so much richer for it.


Ask any woman and she?ll tell you that an intelligent man is far more attractive than a rich, famous or good looking one. And remember, conventional intelligence is just one side of the coin. A man who is street-smart is just as attractive as a man who is book smart. As long as you have a perspective and an opinion to offer on things that she?s interested in and passionate about, she?ll love you for it.

A sense of humor

There?s an old saying that if you can make a girl laugh, the job is half done. We live in a day and age where everyone?s just so darn serious. The world needs lighthearted people and women more so. And it doesn?t matter if you?re not a funny guy. Develop a sense of humor and stop taking yourself too seriously. You?ll realize just how much more fun you?re conversations and interactions with women can be once you do this.

A sense of adventure

There isn?t a woman in this world that wakes up everyday hoping to be bored to death by a man with a clich?d sense of courtship. Every woman dreams of a man who can sweep her off her feet and lead her from one adventure to another. And don?t get me wrong. I?m not saying that you need to pack up and fly her out to the Himalayas. Even something as simple as a walk on the beach can be made into an adventure if you?ve got the right mindset for it.

A challenge

Here?s the thing. Beautiful women are used to getting things easily. From drinks to dinners to expensive gifts, they?re constantly having these things thrown at them without having to life so much as a finger. It?s just one of the bitter-sweet things about being an attractive woman. So when it comes to a man, an attractive woman doesn?t want someone that she can get easily. She craves a man who is a challenge. A man who can give her the thrill of having to chase him a bit.

Sexual mastery

Some men seem to suffer from the delusion that woman do not want sex as much as men. Well let me tell you that that is a load of bull shit. Women crave sex as much, if not even more, than men do. And trust me on this, if you know how to please a woman under the sheets, she wouldn?t ever leave your for a million dollars.


At the end of the day, what developing these traits will do is instill an unshakeable sense of confidence in you. And this confidence is something that women find attractive above any and all other qualities in a man. Now you might ask me, what if you don?t have all of these traits going for you.
Well, building true confidence is a task that takes time. No man wakes up feeling absolutely confident. Building true confidence takes time and effort. And a lot of it.

So be patient and be in it for the long run.

So there we have it; the eleven most attractive traits that women want from a man. And I?d like to wrap this article up with one final parting thought. A huge mistake that I see a lot of men in the pickup community make is they try to ?fake? these various traits.

But the problem with that is that at some point a woman will see through this fa?ade. It might be halfway through your interaction or it could be the next morning when you wake up next to each other.

So what I want you to focus on is truly understanding these traits and internalizing them, so that they eventually become a natural part of who you are.

And by doing this, not only will you be improving your chances with women significantly, but you?ll also realize that you?ll be enriching your life to a great degree.

In fact you can boost up your learning process and download all this seductive traits directly into your mind with the use of a scientific method method.


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About Tony Laroche Tony Laroche is an inner game specialist who helps men become more confident around women, get over approach anxiety, and live life with a higher sense of self esteem. He is the creator of the Radical Inner Game program.

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