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3 Ways To Make Money From Falling Oil Prices

3 Ways To Make Money From Falling Oil Prices

Oil prices are as low. And they are set to fall even further in the near future. Global economic forces are driving this trend. There is market worry over growth in Europe and Asia and rising levels of oil production in Saudi Arabia, Russia, Libya, and the U.S. Indeed, anyone who has been keeping track of recent events can discern for themselves the changes that have led to the current state of things.

President Obama?s lifting of restrictions on certain U.S. offshore oil sites, the liberation and quick political settlement in Libya, and the results of the huge investments that were made in Russian oil fields over the last couple of decades have all come together to make oil plentiful on the world market. News about Japan?s recent slide into recession and the general fear that some of the world?s biggest economies will continue to see sluggish growth have also worked to push the price of oil down.

Money magazine has an excellent article on how you can take advantage of the slide in oil prices. It recommends that you take the following action in your investment strategy:

  • Ease off emerging markets
  • Bet on shipping
  • Invest in discounters of fuel-efficient cars.

This last one may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but it makes sense once you?ve thought about it. When gas prices go down, there is an upsurge in the selling of gas guzzlers. However, there tends to be an even larger upsurge in sales of fuel efficient cars, as automakers discount them, which allows people who have for years wanted a fuel efficient care to buy one at an affordable price.

Other advice on how you can take advantage of low oil prices is available here.?The main point, however, is that if you you want to make money from falling oil prices then look closely at the industries that are most affected by it.

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