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How To Get Paid To Watch Movies

I?m always on the lookout for ways to put some extra money in my pockets.

Over the past few years, I?ve tried a variety of methods on the internet to make cash…day trading, Ebay, and most recently, setting up a blog and putting Google ads on it, so that I earn a little bit of money every time one of my visitors clicks one of the ads.

I was doing this as a sideline, putting in a couple of hours at night on my computer after coming home from my day job. And I was actually starting to make some decent cash with my blog, until Google rolled out one of their latest ?updates? and suddenly my blog got buried at the bottom of their search engine results.

My website traffic dried up, and so did my dreams of popping champagne bottles with Mark Zuckerberg.

But then I discovered a way to make cash on the internet that is WAY easier. I now make money by doing something I already do for fun. (And I know you do it, too…you just haven?t been getting paid!)

Ready for it?

I get paid to watch movies.

There are actually websites out there that will pay you good money to lay back on your couch and watch a flick.

Action, horror, sci-fi, whatever?what you watch is up to you.

Last night I had a girl over at my place. I threw on some corny ?chick flick? for us to watch, and I ended up making a nice chunk of change for it.

(I also ended up getting something even better at the end of the night from my movie-watching companion, but I?ll save that story for a future post on this website…)

Let me explain real quick how I figured out this drop-dead simple way to make cash, and how this works, because this is seriously awesome if you like movies and want to earn easy money in your spare time.

So I?ve got this friend named Jimmy, right?

Wicked sense of humor?

Pretty good with the ladies?

But this dude is as LAZY as they come.

The thought of having to wake up before noon and go to a job practically makes him break out in a cold sweat.

Therefore, Jimmy has been broke as long as I?ve known him. I would have stopped paying for his beers at our local bar a long time ago, but the fact is, he?s an awesome wingman to have around.

(After a few drinks he has absolute balls of steel when it comes to approaching girls, and I?ve gotten laid due to his efforts on several occasions?)

Anyway, Jimmy?s broke-as-a-joke status recently changed…

Now he?s got money in his pockets. PLENTY of money. (I nearly fainted when he not only paid for my beers the other night at the bar?he covered all of our friends, too.)

?Wow, check out the big spender!? I said. ?Are you robbing banks now??

?Naw man,? he shrugged. ?I get paid to watch movies.?

?You?re a film critic now?? I chuckled. ?Dude, you think the Fast & Furious movies are cinema classics??

?Naw dude, I?m not a film critic,? he shrugged. ?I just get paid to watch whatever movies I feel like, and websites send me money.?

Jimmy explained that he?d come across a video on the internet that reveals a way to actually get paid every time you watch a movie. Whether you go out to a movie theatre, or watch one at home, or even watch a movie on an airplane.

I was skeptical (I?d been trying to make money on the internet for years and had NEVER heard about anything this simple), but I went ahead and signed up with one of the websites that Jimmy mentioned?

And sure enough, I started watching movies?and getting paid like clockwork.

Everything Jimmy told me turned out to be true. YOU pick the movies you want to get paid to watch, and you can do it whenever (or whenever) you feel like it.

Yesterday, I got paid to watch a movie on my iPhone while I was waiting at the auto body shop for my car to get repaired!

Here?s the video that Jimmy told me about, that explains how you can get started right away:

How to Earn Extra Money Watching Movies

Ever since I started getting paid to watch movies, I?ve gotten a bunch of friends of mine to sign up and get paid, too. Even my mom and my sister are watching their favorite flicks and earning money at the same time.

If you?re interested, all you need to do is go here, the video is really short and it tells you exactly how to get started:

Get Started Watching Movies for Money

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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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