How To Get Good At Game, Fast.

When you first decide that you want to get better at meeting and picking up women, there?s simply no shortage of information out there.

Trying to figure out how to be attractive to women will have you reading everything from soft, lame BuzzFeed articles to overly extreme, hyper-chauvinistic, Julien Blanc-style nonsense, and everything in-between.

It can be completely and utterly overwhelming. Where do you even begin? And what?should you really believe?

I mean, all you really want to learn to do is confidently approach women, sleep with a few of them and then maybe find a hot, cool, fun girlfriend, right?

Sure, there are many worthwhile conversations to be had about seductive, social interaction, but what are the core essentials and key mindsets to get you up and running?

Well, if nothing else, start believing in yourself.


1. Learn to like yourself.

This is ground zero. The absolute foundation for all game. For others to be attracted to you, you must first sincerely like yourself as a person.

I chose these words very carefully. Most people will tell you, ?Learn to LOVE Yourself?, but I think that may be too powerful an expression.

?Loving yourself? just sounds so self-obsessed and douchey. Like you?re the kind of guy who wears lip-balm, gets his eyebrows plucked and spends 2?hours every day in the mirror.

It also leads you into cockiness, and pride always goes before a fall, so be careful to keep your ego regulated.

That being said, definitely like yourself.

There are a million fun, sexy and cool things about yourself that you should embrace, showcase and celebrate. Be proud and happy with yourself, and if that feels more difficult than it should, start to make some changes for the better.

It?s easier said than done, especially if you happen to be?introverted. But whatever you project to the world, that?s how people will receive you.

If you seem like somebody who enjoys themself, then that lets others know that they can enjoy themselves around you too.


2. Be confident.

You hear it time and time again, but that’s?because it?s the giant staple to game.

So how do you project confidence? Here?s the number one trick to it;

?Whatever you have to say that you are, that?s what you are not.?

Confidence is seen and felt, not necessarily heard. So while shying away and being timid will obviously not project confidence, bragging and being cocky, in general, will give the impression that you?re full of shit.

James Bond never went up to any girl and was like, ?Hey, I?m a secret agent and super awesome, so you know, you should totally sleep with me.?

He was always just simply awesome, so we understood why women would want to sleep with him.

Real, true confidence is steadfast and unshakeable. You don?t have to shout about it and you don?t have to let anyone know about it. They?ll just know.


3. Dress and groom like an adult.

No more t-shirts with giant logos on them. No satin button downs that were barely suitable for your 12th grade prom. No crew-neck sweaters outside of your home or gym. No crazy sneakers. No backwards baseball caps. No white rim sunglass. No more body spray.

No outfits specifically put together for ?the club?. You want to look good without over doing it.

Get haircuts on a regular basis. Use real cologne, sparingly. Wear clothes that fit and that project confidence. Casual t-shirts and button-downs. Fitted pants. Casual sneakers, boots and dress shoes.

Oh and adding a casual suit jacket into the mix never hurt anybody.

Why? Because if you look good, you?ll feel good, but women also love a good dresser and how you look will be her absolute first impression of you before you even open your mouth.

Don?t be afraid to let your look do some of the work for you.


4. Be Fearless.

Being fearless will help you show masculine qualities in social settings, however it will also help you flirt the literal pants off of just about any woman.

Think about it. Fear is the only thing stopping you from getting most women.

First off, you become afraid to approach. Getting over approach anxiety is essential to meeting new girls, and of course the very epitome of showing confidence. So without fear, you’ll instantly pass that?initial stage.

Your fearlessness will also help you not back down from the classic ?bitch shield?. Keep your cool, don?t panic and stay charming and chances are you?ll get through.

Then, fear usually holds you back from saying what?s really on your mind, from establishing that you find her sexually attractive. More over, fear might stop you from teasing her and playfully bickering, feeling like you have to say all the right things and agree with her all the time.

But most of all, if you show no fear, you won?t be afraid for a girl to walk away. That?s a powerful mindset. If you have no fear of loss, you?ll never become desperate, and that will show?through your character, and women will be able to tell.

If you ever feel like you’re getting a little nervous, or you’re unsure about what to do, just ask yourself;

What would Burt Reynolds do?


5. Practice, practice, practice.

Did I mention, practice?

Get out there and do it. Fail a couple times. It?s like a video game, failing is kind of part of the fun, and you need to get experience before you can level up.

You?re bad at pretty much everything for the first time, or at least, not great. So don?t just sit at your computer on a Friday or Saturday, round up the boys and hit up a cool bar, and start levelling up.

Oh, and stay away from strip clubs.

If you?re into them, fine. But they?re no place to get good at game.

The only way to get good is to challenge yourself, so go to hip bars and clubs that are busy. They?ll force you to act fast and not hesitate.

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