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Should You Buy Girls Drinks?

Not really.

Offering to a buy a girl a drink as an opener is a terrible opener.

Sure, they’ll take your drink and they might even chat with you for a bit, but basically what you’re screaming to them is;

“I’m way too shy to approach you as just myself!”

or worse

“I feel like you’re an object and I can just buy your attention!”

Not to mention that both are total beta male personas to have, that girl that you just threw money at is under?absolutely no obligation to keep talking to you.

Seriously. Spending money needlessly is a crutch for not having game.

In fact, if a girl asks, ?buy me a drink?? flip it on them and answer;

?No way! I don?t buy girls drinks. If you want to get in my pants, you?ll have to buy me a drink.?

What you just did is drive away any girls trying to hustle you for drinks, and blown the minds of any girls who were sincerely interested in you. You accused them of hitting on you, established attraction and showed confidence all in one stroke. Oh, and you might just get a free drink out of it.

So are there any circumstances when?it’s acceptable?to buy girls drinks?

Yes, a few.

1) You knock her drink out of her hand.

Now if this does happen, try your damnedest to laugh it off and hope to god you didn’t just stain her clothing. Even if she now wants to be a million miles away from you, you must be a gentlemen and buy her a new drink.

This happened to me once. Being the Italian-hand-talker that I am, I flat out swatted a full G&T out of this girl’s hand. It was absolute carnage. We were covered in cocktail and ice-cubes. Like an un-sexy music video.

Luckily, she was super cool about it and we both laughed it off. I bought her a new drink, and then after some jokes about getting our wet clothes off and doing shots off each other, the night ended well.

2) You’ve sufficiently escalated and you’re getting a new drink anyway.

If you’ve already made out with a girl, got her number and are definitely going home with her, (i.e. she’s your new girlfriend for the night), and you’re getting a new drink anyway, it’s totally acceptable at that point to buy her one too. If she’s cool, she’ll probably do the same when she goes to get a new drink.

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