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I Wish I Was Rich and Famous. What’s The Must Have Assets For a Seducer?

How many times have you seen a rich, older, out-of-shape dude with a smoking hot girlfriend and thought to yourself, ?Man I wish I was as rich and famous.?

How many times have you seen a guy with Brad Pitt-like looks rolling with a bunch of gorgeous girls and thought that you?d have the same type of luck with women only if you were better looking?

Trust me; we?ve all had these thoughts at some point or other in our lives. But here?s the thing, they?re not all true. You see when we think of money, fame and good looks as qualities that women find attractive, we?re simply scratching the surface.

So what I want to do in today?s article is to delve deeper into these three things and help you figure out what more there is to meeting and attracting beautiful women.


OK so here?s the thing; owning a condominium or driving a Ferrari doesn?t hurt, when it comes to attracting beautiful women. In fact, there are loads of beautiful women that are willing to sleep with a man just because he drives a sports car or owns a yatch.
But to attract and keep a woman of high quality takes much more. You see, whenever we see a particularly rich guy with a high quality woman, we tend to focus too much on the fact that he is rich and lose sight of the other qualities that he might have.
For instance, most men who are wealthy are men who are highly confident, driven and charismatic. And these are things that women find incredibly attractive.

So what does that mean for the everyday guy like you or I? Well for starters, remember that just because you?re an everyday guy today, that doesn?t mean that you have to be that guy in the future. If you work smart enough and want it bad enough, there?s nothing stopping you from achieving the lifestyle that you envy.

But at the same time remember that even if you are dead broke with just a couple of bucks to your name, if you are driven, passionate and ambitious, women will still be attracted to you. You see ambition and the potential for success is almost as attractive as actual success.


I?m not going to lie to you. The Jonnie Depps, Steven Tylers and Christiano Ronaldos of this world will almost always have a better chance at attracting a woman than any of the world?s greatest pickup artistes. And this might seem unfair at first, but think of it this way: the same effort that a great pickup artiste has put into improving his game, these guys have probably put in ten times over to get where they are. And with fame comes high social value and high social status.

You see, women of high quality want to be with men who are respected and looked up to by the people around her. She doesn?t want to be with a guy that doesn?t get into clubs and is turned away from private events. She wants to be with a guy who can introduce her to interesting new people and exciting new adventures.

And here?s the thing, you don?t have to be famous to do that. Social skills, in this day and age are almost as important as attraction skills. And the awesome thing about developing social skills is that they?re not that hard to learn.

For example, I get into pretty much any club or bar into town simply because I?ve made friends with most of the bouncers around town, and they know me as a cool, friendly guy who?ll take care of them whenever and however I can. You don?t have to pull out a bottle of Dom P?rignon at a party to impress a girl. Having the bouncer wave you in ahead of the line and fist bump you have almost the same effect.


Let?s face it, the world is a pretty shallow place and looks do play a big part in our social interactions. I mean, think about it. There?s a reason why there?s pressure on actors and pop stars to look the way they do. There?s a reason that the number of people willing to buy a CD from an overweight and unattractive singer is significantly less than the number of people willing to do so for a highly attractive one.

But what does this mean if you?re just average looking? Well here?s the thing. At the end of the day, looks don?t matter nearly as much as how you present yourself. You might not look like Gorge Clooney or Tom Cruise, but that doesn?t mean that you can?t carry yourself like them and dress like them.

In my history of working with men and helping them better themselves I?ve seen hundreds of ?average? looking guys transform from average to looking like a million bucks just with proper grooming and developing a sense of style. So always remember, you don?t have to look like a movie star to present yourself as one.

Sometimes we humans have a tendency to hate on things that we think are out of our reach; but in doing so we miss the valuable lessons and insights that are there for us to learn under the surface.
So the next time that you ever think that you?re not good looking enough or rich enough or famous enough to attract a quality woman, remind yourself of the underlying qualities that play a much bigger role in attraction.
You can internalize all these seductive traits directly into your mind, on auto-pilot in no time, so you can truly reach your potential in dating game and in life in general..
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Eliminate Your Inner
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This free training course shows you how to finally break free of your “nice guy” habits ruining your sex life.

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