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Adopt THESE Attraction Personas

Your persona is a powerful attraction tool.

Actually, it?s more like a toolbox. Your persona contains and encompasses so many tools and tricks for sparking attraction in women.

Best of all, when done right, your persona will allow you to stop over analyzing every move, and ease you into being naturally confident and attractive.

An attractive persona is like a magnet. Except for, you know, girls and not metal.

That being said, developing and maintaining a persona can be difficult, because if you?re faking something instead of feeling it, it?s active work.

And that?s self-defeating because the whole point of getting into these mindsets is to eliminate work, not create it.

You also don?t want to lose who you are, and by no means is this what adopting these personas is about. You?re not trying to get rid of all the things that make you unique and interesting. But you are trying to adjust the vibes you send out to activate attraction in women.

As a result, there are different levels of persona to adopt. I?ve ranked them here from easiest to most difficult to start trying out TONIGHT.

However, the more difficult ones, you?ll find, are probably the ones that are less work to keep up over the long term. You?ll eventually want to progress from the quick fixes, to the permanent solutions.

For reference, I?ve also linked these personas to some of my favorite fictional masters of attraction.




25% Frat-boy. 75% Secret agent.

It?s not difficult to be Sterling Archer from?Archer.

He?s just an alpha male on steroids. Party hard, dress amazing, always have a good time, have a million great stories, be sexually charged and just generally be awesome.

If personas were weapons, this one would be a sledge hammer. While being an Archer means that you?ll have high tastes and arbore compromises, it also means that you?re out for a good time.

It just drips with confidence and fun. A good recipe for attraction.

It?s a simple formula to get under your belt, and it works great at parties, bars and clubs.

I wouldn?t really recommend it for anywhere else, however.

It?s really hard to always be the life of the party wherever you go, and if you don?t get sick of Sterling, everybody else around you will.

Just watch the show. Archer goes through wild one-night-stands like black turtlenecks, but his coworkers can?t stand him, and he can?t keep a girlfriend.

Simply put, Archer is kind of an asshole. And while being kind of an asshole will absolutely yield results in places like bars and clubs, you can just forget about it doing anything for your day game.

Make no mistake though, if you?re out for a night on the town, there?s no one better or easier to be than the world?s most fun secret agent.





50% Lawyer. 50% Leader.

Jeff Winger from Community is an ex-lawyer who?s forced to go back to community college.

Jeff manages to win the attention of not just every woman he meets, but also his female friends.

Jeff dresses well, takes care of himself, he?s quick witted, he flirts shamelessly and generally, he?s just too cool for his current status quo. Jeff acts like who he is, not where he is.

Winger is a middle-of-the-road persona to adopt and sustain in terms of difficulty, because while Jeff?s a ?bad boy?, he?s also a good guy.

He?s likeable. He sticks up for and with his friends. He?s somebody who you want to be around every day.

He?s the broadsword of personas. Easy to learn, challenging to master, appealing to mostly everybody.

So 50% of this role is easy. Just be cool. Everything is always just fine, and when your friends need you, you?re there for them.

The more difficult part of this persona to mimic is Jeff?s apparent high-status; the part that actually makes him attractive to women.

But here?s the trick, Jeff doesn?t really have high-status, he just carries himself in a high-status way. He dresses well, he grooms well, he works out, he has high standards and he?s confident enough to approach and flirt with any woman.

Sure, you?re going to come off as a little smug sometimes, but this persona is much more sustainable because so much of it is just in how you carry yourself on a day-to-day basis.

Being Winger means that you wake up every day, and just be damn good at being you.




0% Fucks given. 100% Passion.

Hank Moody from Californication is the ultimate bad-boy master of attraction.

He writes the sexiest fiction around. He drives a beat up Porsche. He wears all black, all the time. He has utter contempt for his surroundings. Every woman wants him and will fight to get at him.

Hank gives absolutely no fucks. None. Not one single fuck. And it works for him.

The key to being Hank is that you absolutely cannot care if you get a certain girl, and you certainly can?t ever look like you?re chasing them.

When it comes to his flings, Hank never fears losing. He?s waiting for the women to win him over, because he knows that he can sleep with any of them.

Let?s be real, this is really difficult to do because your ego gets in the way. Often, the second we see girls playing back, we fall to pieces.

But Hank pushes and pulls. He flirts his head off, shamelessly and fearlessly establishing attraction. He exudes animal magnetism, and then the second a girl shows in interest, he could care less. Which of course, drives them crazy.

There?s also another key to being Hank. He?s got lots of passion.

He loves being a writer. And he loves his daughter. He?s got a big heart and that?s what?s redeeming about him. He?s ready to absolutely pour himself into something that is not these women.

So you have to do that. You have to find your passion and dig in. Be committed to it and mean it.

Whether it?s writing, painting, filmmaking, heli-skiing or even?being the world’s best salesmen, do it and love it with everything you have.

When you?re kicking ass, you don?t have to time to fix the headlight on your Porsche.


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