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Why You Should Think Like A Great White Shark


This year, I became friends with a guy who my circle of peers have affectionately nicknamed, “The Koogler”.

We ripped the name off of a tag at the end of an episode of Community; a parody of a 1980s slacker college-comedy, featuring Mitchell Hurwitz as “The Koogler”.

Our Koogler doesn’t work out. He doesn’t earn a lot of money. He’s doesn’t look like a male model and he doesn’t wear designer clothing, or really dress up at all. He’s not particularly charming. He’s never even heard of “the game”.

Koogler is a short, funny Jewish guy from Alberta, and he pulls girls left and right.

He’s always got multiple dates a week with different girls, and has even mingled with a few celebrities. TV actresses. Seriously.

This drove me crazy at first. “How the fuck does he do it?” I wondered.

It’s because Koogler is a great white shark.

Koogler has no fear. If something interests him, he just zeros in on it. In his mind, he has no natural predators, so he’s never in any danger.

He never shouts about it. He never brags or inflates himself. Sharks don’t roar.

He’ll tell us when he’s about to go hit on a girl, sure. We usually stand there like, “wait, what?” And by the time we react, he’s already scoring a beautiful girl’s number. It’s like watching him take down a seal.

He doesn’t see a challenge, he sees an opportunity. He’s not intimidated. Ever. And why should he be? He knows he’s the ocean’s top predator.

Sure, The Koogler doesn’t always come back with a number, but he never lets it get to him. Great white sharks don’t take anything personally, they just start looking for a new meal.

He just keeps moving forward, no matter what. Going backwards isn’t even something Koogler knows how to do.

Everything is on the menu for Koogler. He’ll strike up conversations with girls in bookstores, coffee shops, elevators, hell, even on the street. He’s on Tinder and he flirts shamelessly.

He’s firing on all cylinders and utilizing 100% of his potential output. He acts like he’s on top of the food chain, and you know what? He is.

Now, while The Koogler may have stumbled upon success through blissful ignorance, the lesson we can learn from him is that everything you might learn about “game” means shit without the willingness to just go for it.

So start thinking like a great white shark. Be the biggest, most fearless animal in the ocean, and you’ll never go hungry.


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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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