Playing the “Masculine Role” in Dating

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Playing the “Masculine Role” in Dating


By: Bobby Rio

I?m on a flight back from Medellin Colombia?right now as I type this?

There are no good movies on the flight, so I?started browsing through files on my computer.

I began skimming through Joshua Pellicer?s Tao?of Badass program. It had been awhile since I
reviewed it and was just curious to grab a nugget?of wisdom or two?

And immediately something jumped out at me.

Something that not nearly enough dating coaches?stress.

Here it is:

As a man, you MUST play the male play the male?gender role.

It is a MUST.

There is no way around it. And I can pretty much?guarantee every time you ?lost a girl? or blew?it with a girl that should have been able to score?with its because you weren’t acting out that male?gender role.

Chemistry ultimately happens between a man and a woman?when the both of you are acting out your respective roles.

The more feminine she acts around you- the more attracted?to you she becomes.

The problem is that too many guys take on the feminine?role in the interaction or relationship.

They act indecisive, fragile, needy, weak, approval ?seeking?

These are all ?feminine traits.?

When a woman acts out these traits, she is acting out?her natural role in a seduction.

And she is allowing you to act out your natural role?as decisive, secure, strong, non-needy, and masculine.

That is where the magic happens.

In fact, THIS (acting out of your masculine side) is?where it should all start.

It is what instigates attraction.

Simply being strong, decisive, and independent of?her approval makes you her type.

Let me repeat that.

Simply being strong, decisive, and independent of?her approval makes you her type.

In fact, in a recent article?I talked about how??certainty? was one of the biggest attractive traits?you can display.

But when a woman senses you do not have control over?your emotions (a female trait) she immediately puts her?guard up.

She immediately begins judging and testing you.

And worse- she has to take on the masculine role.

And its almost impossible for 90% of women out there?to feel attraction for a guy while playing the male
gender role.

How to make sure you?re playing the male gender role?AND keeping her playing the feminine gender role?

In his video Josh gives 3 ?real world? tips of ways?to display your masculine side to a woman and bring out?her feminine side.

He also talks about the concept of ?pre-selection? in?the video.

And combining pre-selection with acting out the male?gender role is an absolutely lethal combination.

Check out this video

Keep this in mind. DO NOT let yourself fall into the feminine role in a conversation or relationship.

And use the tips in this video to make sure you?re always?doing something to display that dominant masculine role.