This Philosophy Will Change Your Text Game

When I picked up Magnetic Messaging, it totally revolutionized my text game.

A friend of mine had somewhat stumbled on to his own, all-be-it cruder, version of the Key-Lock-Sequence, which impressed the hell out of me when once he showed it to me in action.

After investigating great text game improvements, I came across TSB, picked up Magnetic Messaging and my text messages automatically became weapons of mass seduction.

So yeah,?get that book.

However, “text game” has really spilled over into Facebook, Tinder and a wash of dating sites, and it can be difficult to remember specific messages to send.

But what about just one, clean, simple philosophy to keep in mind whenever you?re messaging a girl, whether it?s someone you just met, a casual hook-up or your girlfriend?

This is not something to necessarily base the content of all your texts off of. It?s a tone, an attitude, a vibe, and most importantly, a voice.

Try this on:

Act like?you?re already in an exciting relationship with this girl.

Just assume that you?re already in a relationship with this girl, and that it?s wildly exciting in every way. That?s not to say you should sound like some cheese-ball romantic, it?s actually to make you sound more casual, all be it fearless.

Assuming rapport is 101 type of stuff, but you have to make it exciting. That?s the key ingredient. I mean, I have plenty of rapport with my friends, but I?m not trying to get them interested in me sexually.

You need to think along the logic lines of, ?there?s no pressure, because I know this girl and she finds me incredibly attractive? and then let things flow naturally. Remember, you’re not starting at the boring beginning of getting to know somebody, you’re jumping into the white-hot centre of a relationship.

It will help you avoid boring conversation like the standard ?getting to know you? questions that everyone hates answering and that are sure to make a girl lose interest in you (What do you do? Where did you go to school? Etc.). You?ll also stop trying to impress her, and just be able to focus on being fun.

You?ll avoid boring minuta and ultimately, the dreaded friend zone, because your?focus will just be;


It lends itself to talking about marriage, sex and honeymoon fantasies;?general ?running away together? and ?when are you coming over?? type of stuff, and that gets you raising tension immediately.

But it will also create greater tension when you use the ?we could never date? trick, because women really get the sense then that you?re taking something away from them.

But most importantly, it will separate you from every other guy who?s messaging a girl. While they?re stuck on, ?Hi, how are you?? you?ve just sent her a message as if your sex is so good that you might as well get married tomorrow. And that always sounds just a little bit more interesting.


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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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