How To Avoid Letting Other People Limit You

How To Avoid Letting Other People Limit You

If you have a good idea, the first thing to understand is that it?s yours. You own it and control it, and no one can take it from you. Whether it be a proposal for a new business or an innovation that could improve your organization, you should never let what others have to say about your idea determine how you act on it. Of course, it’s always good to solicit helpful advice. But remember that not everyone will think as you do, and some may have an agenda that?s meant to advance their interests rather than yours.

Don’t allow others to limit you. Be:

  • Confident?You must have confidence in your idea. If it?s something that you?ve spent hours researching and developing, then it is probably worth implementing. For an idea to be truly new and original it has to be something that no one has ever thought of before. You should expect people not to get your idea at first. Don?t let this stop you. You know its value and its worth. That ought to be your driving force.
  • Open to possibility?There is more than one way of turning your idea into reality. It may be rejected as too risky or too difficult to implement. Or, you may be asked to modify it so that it fits within some ruling convention. If you are uncomfortable with the latter, the best thing to do is make the changes in the short term but hold on to your original plan until you can find someone willing to finance or sponsor it.
  • A seeker of solidarity?This speaks to the last point. Find persons who are sympathetic to your idea and make common cause with them. Indeed, many of the great movements and revolutions in industry and business came from likeminded individuals who stuck together and supported one another until the times were ripe for their ideas.

You may feel isolated and alone. However, you should not let that stop you from your pursuit. Business is a social enterprise. ?It is filled with people who have their own interests and agendas to look after and politics is sometimes necessary to reach an end goal. Don’t let that put you off. And never put yourself in the position of letting the opinions of others limit your sense of esteem and success.


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