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Take These Courses To Be A Better Entrepreneur

Take These Courses To Be A Better Entrepreneur

A college education is not necessary for you to succeed in business. However, if you are in college then you should take courses that will help you do well as an entrepreneur. Indeed, learning how to think as an independent businessman is the best way to prepare for a career in industry. Whether you join a company out of college to get experience or put together the people and financing you need for a startup straightaway, you would do well to obtain certain kinds of knowledge, skills, and abilities while in school.

Inc. Magazine has a terrific article on 8 college courses that will make you a better entrepreneur. Two courses in particular struck me as valuable, and I share the author?s view of their significance:


An economics class will give you a basic understanding of production, distribution, and consumption of goods or services. Economics will also inform you on government policies affecting your business and how you can function in the global market. Also, you’ll learn the difference between?microeconomics?and?macroeconomics.

Writing and composition

Even if you’re a decent writer, this is still an area in which you can improve. And if you’re not a strong writer, then this is a class that you need to take.

Entrepreneurs will do their fair share of writing throughout their career. Whether you’re composing a business plan, writing a press release, blogging, or?pitching your idea to investors, your grammar skills will be put to the test. A writing and composition class will help you communicate your ideas clearly and give you fundamentals in executing proper writing skills.

Having a basic understanding of economics and learning how to write good English are essential to success in business. Economics is often written off as too theoretical to be of use to an entrepreneur. But this is far from the case. Every business operates in a larger industry, and every industry is defined by its markets, goods, and practices of production and distribution. Taking a course in economics will familiarize you with the underlying principles that govern commerce. It will enable you to think critically about the operations and strategy of your business.

Writing and composition are also of value; the article perfectly summaries their importance. I would only add that writing forces you to evaluate the logic and coherence of your ideas. Setting your thoughts down on paper gives you a chance to bring a rational order to them. As you do so, you will be compelled to refine and reformulate your goals and plans. Learning how to write well improves your ability to go through this process.

The full article can be read here. ?Taking the recommended courses will make you a better thinker, strategist, manager, and entrepreneur.

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