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Making The Most Of Your Personal Flaws

Making The Most Of Your Personal Flaws

You might have been told all of your life that you?re difficult or different or hard to get along with. You may or may not care about such comments. But you should not allow other people?s perceptions about you to hinder your success. In fact, you may want to consider turning what others see as personal flaws to your advantage.

There are certain personality traits that are conducive to success as an entrepreneur. An article in Entrepreneur magazine lays them out. If you are someone who has never quite ?fit in? no matter how hard you try, then it may be time to leverage that disposition and make some money out of it. The article points to specific traits and explains their importance to entrepreneurship. My two favorite are:

1. Lacking a desire for?a?9-to-5 office job.

The idea of working in an office setting makes you sick to your stomach. You tried working in an office and lasted maybe a month before you started having panic attacks.

Working on your own schedule suits you so much better?and you thrive when you have independent projects to complete. Don’t discount yourself just yet. You’re not a failure. It’s very likely that not being able to sustain a 9-to-5 office job will force you to create your own business.

4. Posessing sky-high?self-esteem.

People consistently remind you?that you?should be humble and?never intentionally draw attention to yourself. You disagree. You think you’re awesome and you’re wondering when the rest of the world will get a clue.

You believe that you have what it takes to change how things work and the beautiful part is that you’re trying.?Your effort will be noted if you are consistent and dedicated. You?re not flawed after all. Your confidence in yourself may lead you to create a business or product that will change how people interact in this world.

I have struggled with the above attributes all my life. Even when I was young, I chaffed at the idea of doing normal, everyday office work. One of the reasons I joined the Navy out of high school was to avoid such a grind. Years later I did get an office job. It didn?t last long. I simply wasn?t cut out for that kind of work, and I?ve since done much better on my own?working how I want, when I want, and where I want.

High self-esteem has also caused me trouble. I have never been humble and have never pretended to be so. If you have the same feeling, then you probably know the difficulties it can bring. It can be a particular problem when you are forced to work with people who may be nice and good-hearted but are not as driven as you are to succeed. This often puts you into personal conflict with others, and may leave you feeling isolated from the group.

The other personality traits can be found here. If you recognize yourself as having any of these so-called flaws, you should re-evaluate your suitability for office work. It may be the case that you?re a natural entrepreneur and you just don?t know it.

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