Rogue Rules: Tappin’ Tale On Tinder

Dating has come a long, long way for old farts like me. I remember a time when calling a girl meant calling her home phone and having her dad give me the 10th degree as to what my intentions were with her ?precious little angel?.

There were no cellphones back then that didn?t resemble the bricks Zack Morris used to sport on ?Saved By The Bell? (If you actually remember that show…you know exactly what I?m talking about!).

These days hooking up has probably gotten easier than it ever has before…and yet…The competition has never been more fierce. Since the advent of online dating and more recently mobile Apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Coffee Meets Bagel…you really have no excuse not to be meeting more women than ever?

…Except you probably SUCK at meeting women in these ?mediums.?

Now let?s get into this week?s question [BTW…Have a question you?d like me to answer personally in an upcoming addition of Rogue Rules? Feel free to email me any time at Nick (at) SameNightSeduction (dot) co].

Garry T., from Phoenix, AZ asks:

?How do I get a response in matching/dating/hookup sites other than the canned automatic bot profiles (without paying the site and getting no contacts at all)??

Well, this is an interesting question and the first thing comes down to site selection?

Rogue Rule #555: ?If the dating site or app is strictly a scam, then you’ll definitely score no clam!?

Not all sites are created equal and only the more reputable of the bunch are going to prove fruitful.

My recommendation is to stick to the mainstream ones like OkCupid, Match, and PlentyOfFish for online dating. And I personally only ever use Tinder (and Badoo in countries where it?s popular) for mobile.

Everything else, I consider too high-risk, low-reward to worry about.

I could write an entire series on the ins and outs of each online dating site and mobile app. But for now, I want to focus on one that?s both particularly popular and has the most potential to fire up your crotch region with hot new women saddling up.

Let?s talk Tinder, shall we?

When it comes to Tinder there is one main cardinal rule?

Rogue Rule #571: ?If your photos don?t immediately impress, rest assured, she will click ?X.??

Tinder is a quick split-second decision for her and if you don?t immediately capture her with that first photo especially, she?ll be swiping left faster than you can say ?I play a Warlock with a 3v3 arena rating of 2400 in World of Warcraft. ?

(And yes, that picture you have with a sleeping tiger that you think is so badass…She?s seen that a bajillion times you un-original schmuck. Delete it!)

The biggest mistake I see guys make when it comes to photo selection is that they choose photos that are probably impressive to other dudes (what she doesn?t like that picture of me doing a monster keg stand or in front of my neighbor?s muscle car!??). Those pictures don?t spark her intrigue nor fire up her naughty bits one bit.

And these days…There?s really NO FUCKING EXCUSE for bad photos.

You likely have an AMAZING 1080p camera on the same damn device you?re using Tinder on!! USE IT!

Take some interesting pics with it. Get in the habit of ALWAYS taking photos so you have plenty of options for eye-catching images that get her swiping right?

Then figure out which photos are the ones women actually respond to like raving lunatics…But how, you might ask?

Rogue Rule #347: ?If you want to look your best, you absolutely must take the test!?

It just so happens that there is a part of OKcupid that can do this for you. It?s called MyBestFace (just google it) and feed it EVERY picture you have of yourself…Then sit back and allow the women on the site to tell you which ones they like the best.

Now I?ve found it?s a good idea to run all your photos through it 3 times to get a better standard deviation on your best photos but a few of your photos should emerge. Pick the one that overwhelmingly gets the most response and use that as your main Tinder image because most women never even look at the other ones initially?

That being said?

Rogue Rule #412: ?You?re only as attractive as your ugliest photo!?

Once she?s clicked that little green heart and you?re all matched up, you better damn well believe she?s looking at your other photos. So if any of those pictures paint you in a ?less attractive light,? you better damn well believe she?s clicking unmatch faster than you can say ?My mom says I have to be home before midnight.?

Make sure that all of your photos demonstrate different aspects of who you are and the various attractive qualities you possess (That means NO, you can?t use studio photos that you took at Sears and simply line them up!)

Have a photo of you with a cute, cuddly animal (even if it?s not yours!)…

Have a photo of you engaged in an activity that you enjoy (so long as it?s not something violent or repulsive to women? ?Mr. Bowhunter?, ?Mr. Golden Gloves?, and ?Mr. Straight-Edge Punkster?… and yeah, I?m looking at you on this one!)

Have a photo of you engaged in a group of friends where all eyes happen to be on you?

And for the love of Christ, don?t post those images of you with your Ex or with some floozy you met in the bar that one night who let you take the picture of her kissing your cheek because she was 3 Mai-Tais deep but you never heard from her again?

I don?t care what most ?pickup gurus? claim?

Rogue Rule #24: ?Preselection is for the birds!?

(No, seriously…the whole damn theory comes from a study on the mating behaviors of certain species of birds!! NOT fucking people…?Nuff said!)

One last little tidbit on Tinder once you have your photos optimized?

…and, frankly, I probably shouldn?t even mention this because it will inevitably DESTROY the app, in my opinion (Remember MySpace? I sure don?t! :P)…Anyway, install a chrome extension called ?Flamite? (once again, Google it) and let it do it?s magic swiping right on EVERY girl in your area.

Then go through your matches and ?un-match? every girl that doesn?t strike your fancy. Strike up a conversation with all those who do.

Before long you?ll have a steady stream of dates coming from something you keep in your pocket every day. We sure do live in a great time for hookin? up, now don?t we!?

See you here next week for ?Turning BLOWOUTS into BLOWJOBS!?

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

PS…I?ll admit that most of the women I meet are NOT actually from using mobile apps and dating sites (those are just the icing on the cake!). Most of the women I meet are from approaching the hottest women I see everywhere: Bars, Clubs, Coffee Shops, Park Benches, and even On The Street!

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