Rogue Rules: Sure Signs That Sex Has Been Secured!

Life offers few guarantees, but I?m gonna offer something pretty damn close if you read to the end of this article.

Keep that in mind as we dive into this week?s question…

Brian B. from Cincinnati, OH asks:

“What subconscious cue/signs do women give that they?re DTF, thus eliminating all the time-wasters/cockteasers?? And please, give me more advanced signs then twirling hair, etc…”

I like this question because it reveals a very common misunderstanding about gauging whether a women is “Down To Fuck” or not.

Listen up, because I?m dropping dimes tonight?

Looking for signs like ?twirling her hair? or ?smacking her lips? or any of those ridiculous things is a COMPLETE waste of time.

Rogue Rule #208: ?If you focus your attention on whether or not she?s interested in you, she?ll soon focus her attention on someone far more interesting than you.?

Some girls show ?signs of interest? purely out of habit because they KNOW it looks sexy?

Other girls display interest specifically because they think you?re looking for certain signals like she read in Cosmo/Vogue/whatever (you?re completely unaware of these, of course, because you?re smart enough not read that trash)?

More girls yet just have chapped lips or split ends they can?t stop messing with! ?But the big ass problem isn?t any of the above? The problem is that you?re letting yourself get distracted.

Rogue Rule #39: ?Lead her mind, her ass will follow.? ?You?re looking for ?signs? to tell YOU how to proceed….

You SHOULD focus on the interaction itself and on actively sexualizing it.

?You need to drive the car where you want to go, not let the car drive you wherever it goes!

This is why I pay absolutely ZERO attention to those kinds of signals, nor should you! Stop looking for surefire evidence that ?it’s on” with a girl and instead focus on CREATING your own evidence by making your sexual intentions clearly known to her.

?Assuming she has no logistical hurdles to jump that night (more on this in an upcoming installment of Rogue Rules!!), consider this girl DTF if she doesn?t leave?

…THAT?S the evidence you gotta make for yourself. Look here dude, women WILL leave when they’re not feeling it. How many times have you been talking to a girl when she suddenly just had to “dance with her friends” or “go to the bathroom? (never-to-return) or any other dumb reason to eject from the conversation!?

?I’m guessing a few times. Do you think she?d be pulling that shit with Brad Pitt (or whoever she envisions as her sexual ideal partner)!?

? Of course not! Your job as a man is to make her feel as though she?s conversing with someone she lusts after intensely and is dying to sleep with. How do you do that?

Rogue Rule #122: ?If your sexual intent has been decreed, sex is virtually guaranteed!?

?Do that and you’ll never again have to worry if she’s signaling to you that she?s DTF. Need help making your sexual intent clear? Is her body smoking hot? Does it make you want to do naughty things to her?

?Then SAY IT, already!!

?You are just smoking hot, you make me want to do naughty things to you.?

?You know I?ve got you covered.

Very early in the conversation I might also say ?I think you?re sexy.? ?Trust me, if you?ve dropped that little number on her and she doesn?t decide it?s time for her to go find her friends…It?s on!

Barrel ahead safely by assuming she?s DTF and guide your interaction to the bedroom with bombastic bravado and badass grace. That?s all she wrote for this week, be sure to tune in next week where I talk about ?hookin? girls?, (totally different than ?girls hookin??)!

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

PS? I?ll even guarantee you another little doodad of seduction goodness…

In your quest to access the panties of the hotties, I GUARANTEE you?re gonna get tongue-tied sooner or later.

…You?ll just plum run out of stuff to say. (No shame, it happens to the best of us!)

That awkward silence sets in, she starts looking around, waiting for you to say? SOMETHING!

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