Rogue Rules: How To Hook The Girl Every Time

We start this week?s installment of Rogue Rules with a useful psychology lesson… on how fucked up our brains are! Indeed, I?m revealing the nature of our primitive cerebral wiring and how prone we are to making mistakes? so make sure the mistakes she makes lean in your favor!

Jerry P. of ?New Brunswick, CT asks?

?How do I consistently (to use old-school lingo) reach the hook-point? That is, how do I consistently make them want to talk to me? My sticking point right now is the first few minutes AFTER the approach, so what do you cover in that part of the conversation??

Good question, Jerry P., but there?s a major flaw in there?

Implicit therein is the idea that ?Once I have the right words/tactics/topics/strategies/whatever, I?ll be able to hook and pull ANY GIRL NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION!?

Does this frame of thought sound very familiar?

Let me ask you something, Jerry P.: I?m sure you?re approaching some smoking hot girls at your bar, club, lounge, or cafe (otherwise, why bother?)? but how do you know YOU?RE screwing anything up at all?

? Put differently, how do you know SHE?S NOT just really bad at flirting and talking to charming, confident dudes?

? What? Like her being hot, by that very fact alone, means she?s somehow talented, flirtatious, interesting, fun, lively, and innumerable other positive traits?!

I disagree with that on premise and principle as it?s hardly the case. ?Tis a common mistake to make, so check yourself before you wreck yourself by way of?

? (drumroll, please)… The Halo Effect!

Rogue Rule #78: ?If she?s hot then she?s hot — anything more, she may or may not!?

The halo effect is a cognitive bias in which an observer’s overall impression of a person, company, brand, or product influences the observer’s feelings and thoughts about that entity’s character or properties.

Cutting through the fancy-pants science talk, you?re experiencing The Halo Effect when you?re talking to an knock-out gorgeous woman and YOU ASSUME BECAUSE SHE?S A GORGEOUS WOMAN that she has all sorts of other great qualities?

?Ah very good, a lovely young girl with a charming smile, beautiful hair, and tits on which I could shoot a quart or more? CLEARLY, ON THE MERIT OF HER APPEARANCE ALONE, ?she?s interesting, fun, lively, ambitious, a great flirt, shags like a minx, and can suck a ?D? like a fat chick (?cause they have to be good at it)!?

? Do you have a single shred of evidence to believe ANY of this???

ANSWER: NO YOU FUCKING DO NOT!… but let yourself believe such nonsense and The Halo Effect will do you in and affect your Game for the worse.

Yet The Halo Effect is also a semi-hardwired psychological propensity? so you?re right to ask?

?What can I do to detour around The Halo Effect and avoid getting worked by my own psychology??

Rogue Rule #232: ?Ok, she?s hot? You still don?t know her from a hole in the ground.?

Look here fledgling seducer, steer yourself clear of the woes of The Halo Effect by simply staying aware of your own thoughts and feelings when you?re approaching an attractive woman.

If you see her in the bar, club, or lounge and find yourself starstruck, mouth agape, eyes wide as saucer plates, and mind racing about how wonderful, amazing, and otherwise perfect she is?

? then it?s time to pimp-slap the shit out of yourself. You don?t know her from a hole in the ground no matter how hot she is. Period.

Despite her appearance, she may well be into reading trashy romance novels?

? she may be dumber than a box of hair?

? she may be into torturing animals and eating children! YOU SIMPLY DON?T KNOW!

Am I getting through to you? This is a fundamental tenet of seduction, so get it engrained by any means necessary.

All that said, I?m gonna be my own ?devil?s advocate? for just a li?l minute…

Rogue Rule #247: ?If we want some puss, the responsibility?s on us.?

But let me detail what I?m NOT saying? I?m NOT doling out the standard pickup advice ?Knock the bitch off her pedestal, bro!?

No, the mark and mental framework of the true master and seducer-sage, without fail, is to approach each and every peen-piquing prospect?

  1. ? On a playing field level and equal to his own? and?
  2. ? Knowing full-well that HE — not she nor anyone else — must be the one to drive the interaction to the bedroom.

The true master and seducer-sage has no need to ?knock her off a pedestal? to begin with?


? and instead rises to the occasion to produce the lay and the win.

And that?s really the paradox of the thing, my friends…

No matter how obsessive-compulsive you may be, you simply do not have complete control or knowledge of the situation — you must acknowledge those constraints as they are, not how you?d like them to be — but the responsibility still falls entirely on your shoulders if you want to score the lay? for in the words of Albert Camus…

?It?s more of an art than a science, old boy.? :{)]

So, Jerry P., you originally asked about how to hit the hook point, but the bigger point is that it?s you who doesn?t get off the hook so easily.

You picking up what I?m putting down? I certainly hope so.

And so ends this week?s edition of Rogue Rules. Tune in next week — same time, same place — and I?ll have you handling girls flaking worse than a croissant with eczema!

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

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