4 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Sex Life

Sometimes, in the fog of trying to figure out the best ways to meet new girls, we forget about the importance of sexual performance.

Sure, sex is always the end goal on our minds, but it is sometimes underemphasized in it?s importance.

The game is not over once you start having sex, and?you?don’t want to become a dog chasing cars.

First of all, you?ve done all this work so that you can have sex with a girl. Don?t you want it to be amazing and totally worth it?

Second, if you?re looking for a girlfriend, or even repeat business with the same girl, performance matters.

Like, it really, really matters. It?s what gets a girl craving to be with you.

If you?re making any of these mistakes, correct them immediately, and watch your sex life improve.


1. You?re rushing through it.

Sex is not a race, it?s an endurance test.

Why? Because in case you haven?t noticed, women don?t cum as quickly as you do.

Not only is there a physical build up needed for women to orgasm, but there?s also a mental state that they need to be put it in.

That mental state is often dependent on the build up itself. Meaning that acting like a mad pig at the trough, like you see in pornos, is not what gets women off.

Take going down on a girl, for a example.

A good portion of getting her off is the build up and her anticipation of you actually starting to go down on her.

Even once you eventually get your head between her legs, you need to take your time in getting to the main event. And then once you do, take a break, before going back in.

Once she?s pushing your head down and has a leg shaking, THEN you can go in for the whole mad-pig-in-a-porno thing.

The same pretty much goes for all sex. You want to build up and up, almost getting her to the point of frustration.

Slow it down. Take your time. Watch your approval ratings go up


2. You?re not bringing out her wild side.

Because boring sex is boring.

You need to stop restraining yourself and pretending like you?re still in middle-school, getting to third base for the first time.

It?s 2015. Women are as wild sexually as you are, if not more. They watch porn, and they flocked to 50 Shades of Grey. Don?t fool yourself for a second if you think that they don?t want to get as wild as you do.

A lot of this can just be the right attitude and sending out the right vibes during sex.

Slowing things down (see above) can do a lot of this for you. But some light dirty talk, a little hair pulling, pining back legs, gentle biting and so on go a long way.

You can also just ask.

?I really want you to______?

is absolute magic.

Do onto her as you would have her do on to you, and don?t underestimate that she can be and wants to be as wild as you.


3. You?re making it too much about you.

I got news for you, when it comes to sex, you are not ever, nor should ever be, the center of attention.

Even if she?s going down on you, it should be because she?s absolutely dying to do it, and it?s as indulgent for her as it is for you.

Think about this; a good portion of women utilize a machine in order to consistently produce an orgasm. And obviously I’m not just talking about a laptop.

An orgasm to the average women is far more valuable than it is to the average man.

Now, that being said, if you can consistently give a woman an orgasm, you will be rewarded hugely.

Not only will you guarantee repeat business, as a guy who can get the job done, but she?ll be itching to return the favor ten fold.

Sex really should be a two way street, but even if you?re the most selfish jerk on the planet, at least consider your reputation.

Being able to pick up women, get them attracted to you and wanting to hook up is all well and good, but if you can?t deliver, it?s all been a waste of time.

It?s a like a Ferrari with no engine. If you can?t make the tires screech what?s the point of looking good?


4. You?re not utilizing the after-glow.

Unless you?re having a tension-releasing, good ol? fashioned quickie, don?t just immediately throw your clothes back on and scatter off like an ashamed teenager.

It?s totally impersonal, cold, immature and showing of insecurity.

Just own the moment, make it comfortable for both of you. Hang out, make out, hydrate, watch Netflix. Then have sex again. Fall asleep, wake up, have sex again. Go to breakfast… and then have sex again.

Are we seeing a pattern here?

Good sex is passionate. If nothing else, keep that in mind.


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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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