Who Girls See As Their Ideal Boyfriend

The media teaches us that to get a hot girlfriend, you need to pop bottles in the VIP section, drive Cadillac SUVs with huge rims, have a watch worth more than your house and spend more time at the gym than you do just about anywhere else.

But, most girls don?t really want that guy.

At least, not self-confident girls.

Look at most female celebrities’ ?boyfriends, with the exception of a possible few, most of them look like normal guys.

So, exactly who do girls want you to be?

How do you act to not only get a girl, but to keep her around and make her your girlfriend?

Well, they don?t want you to be the same guy everywhere all the time. There are a few different personas to adopt that will make you the ideal boyfriend.

Keep in mind, these are meant to be used together. All these guys should be the same guy.

And that guy should be you.


An animal in the bedroom.

Sex, while not the biggest part of a relationship, is arguably the most important.

Think of sex like a bolt that holds an entire machine together; it?s relatively small, yet crucial.

You need to acknowledge that women can and want to get as wildly sexual as you do, and the last thing any of them want is a boring lay.

If you?re not getting a girl sexually excited, or thrilling her in the ways she wants to be, you?ve got no shot with her, especially over the long term.

Without good, exciting sex, you?ve got nothing.

So when it comes to sex, you need to go for broke, and make it as exciting as possible.

If you want to get a girl addicted to you, put her needs first when it comes to sex. A selfish lover on a Friday is a lonely guy on a Saturday.

Use the power of anticipation, and keep the sexual tension high all the time.

Passion, energy and drive go a long way.

Girls want the guy that they?re attracted to, to not be able to can?t keep his hands off of her.


The male lead in a Rom-Com on a date.

In the right circumstance, girls really do like the kind of guy you see in a romantic comedy.

That?s NOT?to say, “be a loser.”

On the contrary. Actually look at some of those characters out on a first date.

The guys are fun, funny, spontaneous, witty and confident.

They don?t hide the fact that they?re attracted to the girls, and they build up sexual tension.

Dates with girls are all about making them smile and laugh.

They?re looking to make a genuine connection, and you need to have instant chemistry.

That chemistry comes from;

a) talking your ass off, seriously especially on a first date, just keep talking.

b) building sexual tension through rapport breaks and shameless compliments.

One of the best mindsets to adopt for this is to stop getting so worked up over a date, especially a first one; putting too much pressure on yourself, and just not being relaxed.

The more relaxed you are, the easier you?ll get along and be able to showcase your positive qualities.

It?s easy to be confident, and thus fun and funny, in a situation which you don?t feel a great deal of pressure in.

Just imagine she?s the female lead in the same Rom-Com and it gets much easier.


James Bond in public.

Women want more than just a guy who doesn?t embarrass them in public.

They want a guy who earns the attention of other women. They want a guy who makes other women jealous of them.

And this starts to work in the theory of pre-selection. Meaning that if your girl thinks other girls want you, then your girl wants you all the much more.

A lot of that comes from being?the master of your environment, which is why we have this stereotype of only super-rich, crazy in shape guys getting girls.

But all you really need to do is walk into any situation and be?totally confident and comfortable.

You don?t need to look and act like Pitbull, and in fact you shouldn?t try and be that flashy or in-your-face, because you?ll come off as insecure and immature.

You should be much more subtle and suave than that.

Because women want you to act like a man.

Always dressing for the occasion and being groomed is an incredibly solid start.

Especially if you?re dressing your age.

While you want to be in-tune and behave according to your environment, you want to have some things about your character that are uniquely you, all the while still exuding confidence.

Drinking, for example, can be a point of examination here.

I tend to order a double Jack on the rocks in most places. The last time I did, the girl I?m seeing actively commented, ?that?s so fucking hot.?

Perception is often reality, so women want you to be perceived well; confident, strong, in control of yourself.

If you look and act like you deserve a girl, than not only will she believe that you do, but you actually will.


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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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