Rogue Rules: Let Alec Baldwin Teach You The A.B.C.’s For S.E.X.

The mood seems just right.

She leans into you as you speak (and you catch a tantalizing whiff of her sweet perfume)?

She?s licking her lips as she smiles at you (and you can imagine your lips coming together for that first warm kiss)?

Is she touching you more often!? (Maybe you?d like to be touching her somewhere, too?)


Until it?s time to GET OFF, that is…

Suddenly all her alarms are going off — mental horns, bells, and sirens blaring ?Danger!? at the incoming bogey? YOU! .

She pulls away, excusing herself saying it?s getting late, deflecting your attempts to get more intimate, and leaves without another word.

You blink cluelessly, jaw hanging slightly ajar.

?God-damned Last Minute Resistance!!? you exclaim, dragging your feet to the computer to see if there?s anything new on the ?Tube Sites.?

Sucks, doesn?t it?!

It?s with that in mind that we answer Alan P.?s question from St. Louis, MO:

?It?s hard for me to tell when it?s appropriate to keep pursuing sex ? it seems like she into me, we get to my place, and then she gives me LMR (Last Minute Resistance). Can you give me some guidelines for handling this??

Yup, a bodacious batch of balls bluer than a raspberry Icee is about as frustrating as, well, Last Minute Resistance!.

I?ve been there more than I?d care to admit? which is why I?m about to claim something completely shocking:


Rogue Rule #31: ?There?s no such thing as Last Minute Resistance? Only seduction inconsistence!?

It?s my, perhaps controversial, assertion that LMR (as you PUA?ers like to call it)… is a bunch of hogwash.

The appearance of LMR is merely a result of bad game leading up to the close… Plain ?n simple.

To put it simply, your quick fix is to take care of everything properly during the seduction. All you need is?

Rogue Rule #20: ?Sex occurs naturally when you?re both in a place where sex can realistically occur and you?re both (at least somewhat) sexually aroused!?

Listen, I realize every interaction is chaotic and in constant flux… You?re making mistakes… She?s making mistakes? c?est la vie!

If you let those mistakes accumulate… without fixing them with some kind of ?damage control? maneuvers… then what you?ve got on your hands is a failing prospect beyond repair!

The truth is this:?

Rogue Rule #148: ?Seduction isn?t easy, but it is simple!?

Your main objective in your interaction is to guide the both of you to the bedroom, even if you?re not exactly sure how to make that happen.

This requires some finesse every time you hit a little roadblock?Push toward the bedroom, actively engage in the process of getting her turned on, and get her revved up & ready for sex.

Perhaps you go overboard and say something too risqu? for her in the moment. Does that mean it?s ?finito.? Hell no!

Fire off one of my favorites: ?You know what, I?m sorry. I sometimes say the stupidest shit when I?m flirting with a really cute girl.?

Don?t give your power away when you say this but don?t stop flirting either. Tone it down for a second and try for more sexual escalation later. She?ll likely be glad you did and be pleased that you didn?t over-react to her initial hesitance.

Will you always have a 100%, dead certain plan for how to do that?

No! ? I?ve been doing this for years and I STILL don?t know how half my nights out end up on my balcony with my balls under her chin!

Perhaps it?s that I always keep the following mantra rattling around my noggin?:


Rogue Rule #327: ?Always be closing…ALWAYS BE CLOSING!?

Regardless of what any so-called ?pick up expert? tells you, It?s not about opening, it?s not about saying everything perfectly, it?s all about closing!

Need some motivation?

Try this number on for size. Seriously, watch this humdinger every day for a month and see if it doesn?t cause you to strap on a pair of brass balls.

Alec Baldwin portrays a bit of a villain, but goddammit is he ever the true hero of the story. Should you apply the same attitude and advice to getting laid, you?ll find more women spreading their legs for you than a horse-hung OB GNY?

They?re just BEGGING for you to take them?

Are you man enough to take them?

They?re waiting for you to close them.

So always be closing, capiche!?

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

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