Rogue Rules: Get The Sex Life You Want Now

I usually write fun, zany articles that keep things light and fun? I?d like to think they?re as fun for you to read as they are for me to write…

Today?s post is different. I?m dropping a quick reality bomb that just may fuck your shit right up.

Ready? You may wanna brace yourself…

Reality Bomb: There are exactly 2 groups of dudes who have absolutely no need for my refined, time-tested wares?

Do you know which groups these are?

Group 1: Tho dudes whose sex lives are so insanely abundant, rich, and full that they have

absolutely no need for my Rogue Rules. These dudes are banging strippers, waitresses, celebrities, and probably sticking it in that sexy girl next door you?ve had your eye on for years too! They?re living that kind of SUPERNOVA SEXUAL LIFESTYLE mere mortals can only dream of?

Yeah, those dudes don?t need my help, and good for them ?cause they?re crushing it.

Group 2: The guys whose sex lives are so utterly non-existent that the women they

know think they?re asexual — robots with skin. Worse than that, nothing in the universe will ever be able to push these guys into taking the necessary action to improve their own pathetic, sorry, miserable state of affairs.

These guys convince themselves and those around them that they?re ?too busy,? they ?just haven?t met the right girl,? or they want to ?meet a nice girl who will like me for me.?

I think you?re smart enough and wise enough to know that Group 2 guys are up to their own eyeballs in b#!!$it. Just as bad, the only people who believe the b#!!$it of Group 2 guys are full of the same b#!!$it.

: ?The only guys who believe bull$#it excuses are full of the same bull$#it excuses.?

And what?s so abysmally sad is that somewhere deep in their soul, Group 2 guys know they?re not ?too busy? or any of those other deceitful lines they feed others and themselves. Ultimately, they know these excuses are just a convenient detour around their obligation to themselves as Men to make sex and romance happen.

Instead of rising to the challenge, Group 2 guys flake out (again), stay home, and play Xbox or whatever? the knowledge of their own deceit gnawing a hole in their very being until they?re too old, too tired, too empty to do anything about it.

? but hey, they played a Warlock with a 3v3 arena rating of 2400 in World of Warcraft.

(SHAME ON YOU if you even know what the hell that meant…I had to ask a Group 2 guy for some WoW terminology to even write that line!!)

Group 2 guys lack the drive, sense of agency, and piss & vinegar to make my stuff worthwhile — passing my knowledge on to them would be a complete waste.

? And that brings me to you, because we need to talk? it?s about your performance…

That you?re reading this article at all is proof positive that you?re actively deciding between Groups 1 and 2.

Ask yourself this honest question with no excuses of any kind:

What is holding you back from living a SUPERNOVA SEXUAL LIFESTYLE like the dudes in Group 1?

No joke. Seriously ask yourself.

? Because I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the brutal and honest truth is that it?s probably you holding yourself back from enjoying that caliber of abundant, rich, and full sex life.

I?m begging you to stop doing that!

This isn?t playtime, this is your life.

Get fucking moving on your goals or die a failed old man who was just ?too busy,? who ?just didn?t meet the right girl,? or who wanted to ?meet a nice girl who liked me for me.?

Rogue Rule #106: ?An abundant sex life is always and forever YOUR responsibility.?

I?m here to help you achieve your goals… to give you the state-of-the-art tools to build your sexual fantasy house? but YOU must supply the drive, the sense of agency, and the piss ?n? vinegar to make it happen.

Don?t let yourself become one of those guys, because if we?re not careful, we can find ourselves sliding into Group 2.

Rogue Rules #88: ?Actively pursue the (wet) dream or you will slide into mediocrity and sexlessness.?

Go after what you want.

Have some goddamn respect for your dreams and ambitions by fucking pursuing them.

See you next week when I reveal how to annihilate your anxiety of hot women forever…well, sorta…I?ve got something better in mind. See ya then!

Get Some!

Nick Rogue
Your Personal Seduction Mentor

PS? If you?re realizing this perspective applies to entire life and everything in it, then you?re doing something right because it does…

If you want to be in Group 1

If this finally puts things in perspective for you…

If this puts the fire under your ass to finally get you moving, but you don?t know how to get started?

Then check out my free guide, ?Unleash Her Naughty Side? just beside this article?

? and let?s put you on the dream path to the sex you want and deserve.


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