5 Myths On What Makes You Attractive to Women

The media gives us a lot of weird images of what kind of men women find most attractive.

But it doesn?t take a lot of legwork to look beyond that veil.

If you stop looking at billboards and start looking at what?women find attractive about men in the real world, you?ll see there are some startling differences.


Myth: You need to be rich.

Truth: You need to be ambitious.

In a lot of media, we see girls hanging off of billionaire playboys (damn you, Iron Man), and sure, I suppose if you?re a billionaire, it probably gives you a certain appeal to women who are only interested in guys with money.

But the truth is, 99.9% of women out there are not that superficial.

What they do find attractive, however, is ambition.

Not the fake kind. Not the kind of ambition that you don?t really mean or have any intention of following up on.

Girls are attracted to guys who have a real goal, or better yet, a vision for their life that they?re actively working towards.

A vision for uncompromised self-improvement is so rare in most guys, and rare means valuable in the eyes of a woman.


Myth: Girls like dumb jocks.

Truth: Most girls find intelligence pretty damn sexy.

Thankfully, we don?t live in a 1980s high-school movie.

Actually, what we?re living in, is the golden-age of science, fan-culture and general nerdiness.

So, we?re now in a place where letting your big-brain fly is considered socially valuable- and displaying social value is practically game 101.

Being well-read, witty and up-to-date on all things pop culture is both the skill and cannon fodder needed to have the kind of social humor that women find so attractive.


Myth: You need to be a body builder.

Truth: You need to take care of yourself.

Of course, women are attracted to guys who are in shape.

But the media has really sold you on a crazy-ripped, unobtainable image.

You just don?t need to look like The Hulk (boom, second Avengers reference) minus the green skin to be considered physically attractive to women.

More important is that you look like a man who takes care of himself.

Going to the gym regularly and being healthy certainly helps, but so is grooming your facial hair, getting regular hair cuts, smelling good, having clear skin and so on.


Myth: You need to be flashy.

Truth: You need to be secure.

Like an old man, I blame rap-music videos for negatively influencing the kids.

There?s this really gross image of a ?player? that?s called to mind when people use the word.

It?s some dude with a soul patch goatee, spiked hair, boot-cut ripped jeans and a satin shirt with a cross or skull embroidered on it.

I just threw up in my mouth describing that.

The truth is, the harder and more obvious it is that you look like you?re trying to pick up girls, the more repelled?by you that they?ll be.

Looking like you?re trying too hard looks exactly like desperation.

You should look put together and well dressed, but not overly so for any occasion. Your clothes should make you look secure and confident- not like you?re showing off.

You want to be more GQ than Jersey Shore.


Myth: You need to be an asshole.

Truth: You need to be confident and true to yourself.

Yes, girls like it when you?re about a 7.5 out of 10 on the jerk scale.

Now some guys translate this into; be an overly aggressive asshole, and in some cases flat out mean.

Even if you?re somehow getting girls by being the worst human being you can be, you won?t be well liked- at least not for long.

Now, people might think you?re a ?jerk?, and a girl might even call you one to your face, but that?s probably just because she?s used to not having anybody challenge her.

Speak your mind. Do so with confidence. Don?t ever change your opinion or hide your truth just to try to please a girl. Don?t let anybody ever intimidate you.

Flirt shamelessly, and but don?t be afraid to tease a girl either.

Bringing this kind of confidence into any interaction with a girl is the very basis of creating sexual tension.


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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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